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High Cholesterol on Whole30


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Hi! I am on Day 28 of my first Whole30. I'm really excited about all of the benefits and I have experienced so far! I'm very concerned about my cholesterol numbers. I did a blood test after fasting for 12 hours on Day 25. Can Whole30 raise your cholesterol? Any suggestions for getting it down. I don't want to take statins at all and I know if I go to a doctor they will try to prescribe them. I'm stressed because the numbers are so high and I am only 30. 

  • LDL: 209
  • HDL: 44
  • TC/HDL Ratio: 6.4
  • Triglyceride: 126


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45 minutes ago, ToddPres said:

Yes it was high with an LDL of 168 and HDL was 60. It was a year ago and I was hoping I would have better numbers. 

Unfortunately some people have higher cholesterol in general regardless of diet.  Dietary cholesterol like red meat and egg yolks doesn't give a person high blood cholesterol; that's a myth that has been debunked for a while now.  I would definitely report to your doctor but have a collaborative conversation with him/her to see if there is time to wait and see how things go before taking meds.

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