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Shalla's Post Round 4 Log


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Realized I need to move my re-intro stuff over here from the Whole30 Log section since I'm not doing re-intro precisely right. I'm eating more "normal" paleo in between re-intro days - so I'm allowing for some added sugar and SWIPO foods (there's gonna be paleo queso for the Super Bowl today, for example). Previous thread: 

I'm also going to add the bit about re-intro schedule here:


Re-intro Plans
Feb 1: Non-soy legumes

Feb 4: Rice (which may be pointless since apparently I've eaten rice bran oil a couple times on accident, but a little rice bran oil and a whole chunk of rice are a bit different)

Feb 7: Dairy. I fully expect that day to suck and have scheduled myself a work from home day just in case I end up on the toilet a lot. I love cheese, but I'm pretty sure cheese hates me. *sigh*

Feb 10: Corn

Feb 13: Soy

Feb 16: Random gluten free grains not previously tested. Oats, quinoa, etc.


Post beans re-intro thoughts:
This is gonna be a little TMI because poop, so here goes - my bowel movements later in the day on bean day and the day following were more firm compared to the very loose to diarrhea type bowel movements I've been having for most of the Whole30. I've had bowel issues my whole life, so I kind of tend to be "eh, whatever" about them unless there seems to be an actual serious problem. I don't think beans are a big problem for me, but I'll probably not eat them a lot because I'm trying to keep my carbs/sugar down overall due to prediabetes.

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I don't think I'm going to be logging everything I eat, but I do want to note re-intro thoughts and such.

Rice re-intro
I had rice crackers with tuna and rice noodles with beef marinara. Didn't have any negative reactions, which is about what I was expecting. I did discover I now genuinely prefer zoodles or spaghetti squash instead of noodles for marinara sauce, so that's cool :)

Dairy re-intro
Was on Weds, Feb 7. I had a La Colombe Draft Latte that'd been sitting in my fridge since the end of Dec and Cracker Barrel cheese slices (one of my favorite things in life, honestly) with Simple Mills crackers. Really minor reactions, which surprised me. Very slight sore throat (pretty normal with milk, yogurt, and ice cream for me) and the cheese and crackers sat really heavy in my stomach - not the happy tummy feeling I get when I eat most Whole 30 foods. I am wondering if dairy is something where I need like a week of eating dairy every day to really see how it does.  Bowel movements are also a little harder to get out (bad) and more solid (good).

I also ended up having dairy this morning via Starbucks Sous Vide egg bites because I had a really long night with both a sick roomie and sick kitty, so I just got breakfast out. So I'm going to delay corn and soy re-intro a little longer.

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