Cocoa Powder - what am I actually craving?


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I started my Whole 30 about 1 week ago (restarted 2 days in after I realized the Yogi tea I had been drinking had Stevia leaf in it, so it's really day 6 for me). 

I love chocolate and it's one of the foods I crave the most around when I am due to get my period (which is, unfortunately, soon). I wanted to do an experiment (since cocoa powder IS allowed) to see whether what I was craving was in fact cocoa, or sugar. So, I added Trader Joe's 100% pure cocoa powder (2 whole tbs!)  to about 1 cup of unsweetened (compliant) almond milk, thinking that it would be totally undrinkable. To my surprise, I actually LOVED it. It was extremely bitter, almost like black coffee (which I also love), and since that time I haven't been craving it. It really does seem like I was craving the taste of cocoa, not the sugar at all. 

So I my question is -- if what I really was craving was the bitter cocoa taste, does it seem likely that I am craving something in the cocoa (like magnesium?) that I don't get elsewhere? I'm pretty stumped, since I eat a very wide variety of veggies, fruits, and meat, and I do my best to eat different types of oils and nuts... 

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4 minutes ago, lmed9696 said:

I am craving something in the cocoa (like magnesium?)

Yep. This.

Very often a craving for chocolate is indicative of a magnesium deficiency. Are you taking a magnesium supplement? If not now would be a good time to start.

As an aside, cravings around the time your period is due are usually your body needing starch. Try upping your intake of starchy veg for a week or so before your period...

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22 hours ago, lmed9696 said:

@jmbcn I am not taking a magnesium supplement - I will go get some today and see how that goes! And cook up that butternut squash I have sitting in my pantry for some starch. Thanks!

Natural Calm is a great magnesium supplement - just make sure you get the unflavored :) 

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