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Pressed juicery smoothies, bars, freezes

petra Lindquist

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I often do 3 hour mtn bike rides and completely bonked. Can I have RX bars for energy? I had an apple, banana, almonds, and coconut water and almost passed out. I know many of my athlete friends had to stop doing hard /long endurance workouts. Pressed juicery has an almond milk drink which is great for recovery. is there any protein powders I can use, Vega? Also the green freezes which is jut kale, apple juice and coconut water at pressed juicery are those ok? there is no added sugar?

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RX bars would be suitable, yes. Your better bet though is to pack starchy veggies rather than fruit. Starch replenishes muscle glycogen whereas fruit is prioritizes liver glycogen. 

Where are you in your Whole30? What are you typically eating? The reason that we mainly see for reduced performance in folks is either that they are still working towards fat adaptation or that they are not eating enough in general, before, during and after exercise.

You would have to find a protein powder that doesn't contain non-compliant ingredients - so no sugar/sweeteners, no whey/casein, no legumes (Vega is pea protein). The only one that we have ever heard of is unsweetened egg white protein powder which is expensive and also disgusting.

Steer towards properly fuelling yourself. 

Juices are not recommended but not outright banned. They will do nothing towards getting you to fat adaptation though.

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