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Iced Tea with Apple Sauce


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I normally drink iced lattes for my caffeine (and calcium) intake.  I don't like bitter or hot drinks, and hacking an iced espresso shot with coconut cream is really laborious when I'm at work and on the go. 

I'm still in the middle of a gray af Seattle winter so I can't walk away from caffeine completely and be productive at work.  Instead, I've turned to ordering iced black, white, or green teas without any sweetener from Starbucks.  To take the edge off of the bitterness, I started adding a tablespoon of compliant apple sauce or baby food puree to my iced tea take out some of the bitterness.  Plus, those pouches are really easy to be discrete and cap back up to use all week.   

I like this so much, I know I'll be using this during the summer for my iced tea for slightly sweetened, added sugar free, interesting, but subtle, flavor kick. 

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