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I just ate a deviled egg slice from the Fresh Market grocery store. As soon as I began chewing- I knew something was wrong. Too sweet! Turns out they made theirs with sugar.

how bad is it I ate that?!

and on that note..  how bad is it to have something sneaky slip in without you knowing  like soy bean oil, vegetable oil or butter?!

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The article is about whether or not you need to restart based on different circumstances, it's not only for people who purposely go off plan. Possibly the terminology is throwing you off. "Cheating" is willfully going off plan. But it also says "slip" which means you didn't do it on purpose but it still happened (dictionary: a minor or careless mistake). This is a perfect example of why we say over and over that you absolutely have to read the ingredients of anything you are going to consume before doing so.  The "mistake" or "slip up" was that you didn't do proper due diligence before eating it. 

Terminology aside, did you read all the way through the article? Your question about sugar is answered in "Answer 4" and your question about soybean oil, butter etc and general non compliance setting your body back is answered in "Answer 3"

Edited to add: did you go and get the actual list of ingredients that went into the devilled eggs at the market? Including whatever oil was used in their mayonnaise? Unfortunately it is commonly soybean which would be a fairly major problem for your Whole30 as per the linked article.

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I liked someone's suggestion in a previous post.. to think of it as adding days. .. so if  you are day 13 you say you are doing a 43 whole 30... in essence starting over. but mentally not feeling like you failed.. I'm a newbie so can't give advice but that resonated with me.. 

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