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Ann is Doin' It Again!


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I had a successful Whole30 last summer, and have had ups and downs with eating paleo since then. I am an expert at having "good" reasons for being off track. Countless hours at the hospital/rehab center with my sick dad made shopping, planning and meal prep hard over the last 3 months. But he is home now and hopefully medically stable. And mist recently, my vegan daughter has been home from college for her winter break, and I tell you, trying to meal plan for vegan+paleo takes more creativity and effort than I am willing to put forth. She heads back to school thurs eve. I plan to get reorganized over the weekend and start fresh on Monday Jan 7. Yay!

I'm glad that despite many of my poor food/drink choices over the last couple months, I have only gained back 5 of the 20 pounds I lost during my 30 and the month following. However, my insomnia is back with a vengeance, and my low back pain and foot neuroma symptoms are as bad as they have ever been. It will be good to get back on track.

I'm also looking forward to rejoining this forum and following everyone else doing a 2013 Whole30! Happy New Year, folks :).

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I guess I convinced myself last night that I needed to drink 30 days' worth of beer to prepare for my Whole30. Ouch. I'm now trying to get motivated to peel myself off the couch and head out to Whole Foods / Trader Joe's to get stocked up and ready to begin tomorrow. I'm really excited to get started :). I've started and stopped a few times since my first 30 last summer, but I have a feeling this time I'm gonna DO IT.

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Day one in the books! It went well, the weakest moment (as is typical for me) was late afternoon, about 3 hrs after lunch. I snacked on dried pineapple, which isn't the best choice, but I think as I get more into the "I feel great" stage, it will be easier to resist my urge to snack mid afternoon (or I will be satisfied with more of a mini meal snack).

B: Spinach and onion frittata, 1/2 avocado, slice of bacon.

L: Spinach salad w lots of veggies, roast beef, beets, olive oil/vinegar, large apple.

S: dried pineapple rings.

D: Roasted chicken leg, yam w ghee, steamed broccoli.




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Day 2. Feeling fine, haven't had much difficulty yet, other than mid-afternoon munchies (satisfied w dried pineapple), and evening cravings for a glass of wine. But nothing too bad. Dinner tonight turned out delicious :). My mood is relaxed and cheerful - wonder if it is placebo at this point? I know from experience I will be feeling relaxed/cheerful/energetic from my Whole30, but at the end of day 2?? Seems a little soon ... the good sleep part (the part I MOST look forward to) has not yet happened, and it seems like mood would tie in with the sleep part.

Anyway. Here's to day 2!! Yay!

B - sautéed spinach and red onions, two fried eggs (coconut oil), 1/2 strip bacon, 1/2 avocado.

L - spinach salad w lots of veggies, roasted beets, roast beef, 1/4 avocado, olive oil/vinegar, medium pear.

S - 2 dried pineapple rings.

D - pork tenderloin (garlic/balsamic), sweet potato hash (ghee), roasted veggies (olive oil).




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Locked my keys in the car. I type this as I ride a crowded, humid bus home, breathing in lungfuls of the flu virus no doubt. I had a long busy day, i will be getting home more than an hour later than usual, and I'm hungry. And I don't know what I'm making for dinner. I want fast food and a bottle of wine. Waaaah.

I have ground beef in the freezer (forgot to take it out this morning), and was thinking maybe chocolate chili ... Can't remember all what goes into it, but I'm sure I can figure something out once I get there. Tonight especially I'm very glad there isn't a bottle of wine at home bc I would have a hard time resisting temptation. *sigh*.

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This evening was challenging. Keys locked in car, long bus ride home, trying to help my son with Writing 121 homework due tomorrow, didn't get to eat until 8:30. But I did it.

B - spinach omelet w Frank's Red Hot, 1/2 avocado, 1//2 slice bacon

L - spinach salad w roasted beets, tomatoes, onions, avocado, roast beef, olive oil/vinegar, and a pear.

S - nope!

D - chocolate chili topped w onions, avocado, and olives.


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Today was a bit rough, not awful, but not my best day so far. I was a little impatient and cranky at work, and I had a mild stomach ache on and off all day. I think it was the big pile of steamed broccoli with breakfast that did a number on me. Still on track tho and staying strong.

B - 2 fried eggs w franks red hot, 1/2 slice bacon, steamed broccoli, olives.

L - spinach salad w roasted beets, tomatoes, red onion, roast beef, olive oil/vinegar.

S - Pear.

S2 - Lara bar

D - buffalo chicken tenders, sautéed mushrooms (ghee), roasted asparagus (olive oil)




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So many people seem to feel like the weekends are easier than the weekdays, maybe because things are less hectic and you are in your comfort zone, home where you have a little more control over the available food options. I'm the opposite. The weekend comes and I desperately want a glass or two of wine. I have errands to run and I want to drive through and get a snack. I putter around the house and all the snacks (paleo and not) call to me. A friend calls and asks if I want to meet for a beer. Weekdays are easier for me. I'm totally a creature of habit and routine. But I can do it. I avoided the wine section at Whole Foods tonight, and am looking forward to sleeping late and waking up clearheaded and energetic tomorrow.

Day 5! 1/6 of the way there!!

B - Spinach/red onion omelet w Franks Red Hot, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 slice bacon

L - I somehow forgot to toss the spinach in my lunch bag, but turns out all my yummy salad "toppings" are still good minus the bed of greens! Roasted beets, roasted asparagus (leftovers), leftover buffalo chicken, olives, avocado, radishes, cucumber, onions. No dressing needed.

S - apple

D - whole foods naked chicken, sautéed sweet peppers and onions, sweet potato chips and WF guacamole. Chips didn't turn out very crispy, but they were still tasty! Sort of SWYPO, but I had them w dinner, not snacking in front of the TV, and also it's better than the wine I really wanted tonight!




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It's 5pm Saturday and I'm feeling very weak. I have this inner dialogue: "what if I got a bottle of wine, or maybe even just one of those cute half bottles, just for tonight?? I spent the day housecleaning, my house feels all clean and cozy, I have a fire in the fireplace, my son is busy doing his college homework (which makes me feel good/relaxed), and I'm getting ready to make some chocolate chili ... A glass or two of wine would be soooo nice. And I already proved to myself that I CAN do a Whole30 last July, this time it is more just reinforcement and reigning myself in Could I do this with two glasses of wine on Saturdays only?? How could I not still see a benefit if I was good except for that?"

The other side of my inner dialogue: If I have even a glass or two, it will disrupt my sleep, and could stall my weight loss. Especially if it triggers even more intense cravings tomorrow, which from personal experience I know happens to me. And I will be disappointed in myself, that I have so little willpower."

Ar the moment, doggone it, the first voice is stronger. Anyone care to talk me down before I hop in the car and go get a bottle?

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