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Wrapping up Day 25


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Hey all!

25 days in and feeling groovy. 

Also doing this with a business partner and my best friend.

Never thought I could give up sugar, grains and dairy- o' cheese how do I miss thee....let me count the ways.. Now I feel there's no turning back.  It helps to have a fantastically supportive wife and 2 awesome  daughters to help see me through this challenge.

My cardiologist told me I had to lose 20% of my body weight in order to get my sleep apnea in check, so Whole30 seemed like a great place to start. I have no desire to stop at 30.

My size 36 jeans are falling off and my size 36 belt is down to the last, tightest hole.  I'm sleeping through the night like a baby.  People are commenting every day that I look skinnier and that I've lost weight, but the truth is I didn't weigh myself before or during Whole30. 

Most importantly, I'm staying hydrated and managing my cravings and my portion sizes (which seem to be shrinking along with my stomach).  Cannabis has been a huge help too in keeping me focused, and helping me sleep through the night. It's counter-intuitive, I know.  But I don't get the munchies from it.

Really enjoying this journey into self discovery and breaking certain lifelong habits and resetting my gut.

More updates to follow!

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