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Starting Whole30 on February 15 for R1


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Good morning

I'm going to start my first Whole30 on February 15.  I’ve decided to make this into part of my Lent.  I like to give something up but also add something to my life during Lent so Whole30 will cover both bases.  My doctor suggested that I use Whole30.  I have Diabetes (type 2) and do take oral medications but not insulin.  I do morning workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so have been wrapping my head around the Pre & Post workout meals.  Since I have ibs, I have difficulty digesting raw veggies...especially lettuce so I’m a little worried about incorporating all the veggies into my Whole30.

I’ve been lurking through the forums and on Facebook and do have a question about what books people feel are the “must haves” to succeed with Whole30?





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On 7/18/2013 at 8:54 AM, Krista Billows Rodriguez said:

steam sauted greens and then reheating with some coconut oil and other veg before adding in eggs is one of my favorite breakfasts.  otherwise I'll toss in whatever veggies I have left from the previous night's dinner.

I started with "It Starts with Food". It explains the reasons as well as the program. Then I borrowed "The Whole 30" from the library. It has lots of FAQs and tips and some nice recipes. 

Also, I found the forums to be most encouraging, (and not necessarily with those starting on the same date as I). Just started in a thread I liked and kept going following a group which helped me stay the course by hearing people share their experiences. Plus Moderators will often chime in and answer questions or offer encouragement. I also signed up for the $15 Daily emails. At the end of each day  you check off that you completed another day and a cute or goofy message pops up. I personally loved that! I'd smile every time.

All you really need though,  is on the Whole 30 website:


Lots of lists and instructions are on the site. I printed some out and  pinned them up in the kitchen. Especially the one showing the portions - easy to follow but I sometimes need reminding. Here are all the print outs.


That's more info than you asked for but hope it helps. All the best. 



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