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3 hours ago, littleg said:

So you just sprinkled it on there?  Can you just be them not ground up?  They'd be like little snack bites.  

I'm not sure what you mean on this post. :D

I sprinkled the powder onto the raw eggs & cooked it in.  The aroma while it cooked was *amazing*.  Hahaha

The taste wasn't so bad ~ it was the texture ... with eggs = just wrong.  

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On 2/15/2018 at 2:48 PM, Brewer5 said:

I am not sure what happens in my brain that I ever decide that eating non-Whole 30 food is going to turn out okay.  I know this is how I feel my best... so.  Lots to explore there.  At a later date. ;)

I know it's not going to turn out okay.  It's just that ~ in that moment ~ I don't care.  

It's stress & lack of sleep.  It's hormones & neurotransmitters.   

Lack of exercise.  Lack of sunshine.  

It's really not rocket science.  Just sometimes, it feels like it. ;)

It always catches up with me.  Always.  

(Notes to self as to why we won't just say "screw it" and order Mexican food tonight.)

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