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Do I need to reset after a fruit sugar binge?


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Hi everyone,

I'm a sugar addict, and one of the reasons I wanted to do a Whole30 was to address this issue. I'm on day 4, and so far it's been going well, except for the massive sugar craving I was hit with on day 3 (it came out of nowhere). I'd read that Lara bars were whole 30-approved, so I ate three on Thursday and three on Friday. I also got some plantain chips (ingredients: plantains, sea salt, palm oil) and ate those two, and I didn't feel like cooking, so i made those my dinner for both thursday and friday nights.

I woke up this morning feeling the way I typically do after a binge: guilty! I suspect that you're not supposed to go hog wild with date sugar on the whole 30, or inhale a bag of plantain chips. I don't think I'd particularly mind resetting my day count, as I'm only on the morning of day 4, but I was wondering if someone could tell me more about this.

Has anyone else have a similar experience?


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Tip 1: if you have a sugar craving and one of your goals is reducing these, don't fuel it with compliant sugar. Your brain doesn't know the difference. 

Tip 2: plantain chips from the store are never compliant no matter the ingredients. No commercial chips of any kind. 

You might want to start over just for your own self-efficacy. 

Take a look at the forum of all the oodles of posts we've written about how to manage sugar cravings.

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