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Whole 30 Down Under


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This being the 1/1 in Aust was to be day 1 of this challenge for me, however in my sleep deprived state I drank coffee this morning that hubby made that had milk in it.

So I will start again officially tomorrow.

Now the old me, the me that used to be obese would have gone off and eaten any old thing, but the new me has been compliant.

Breakfast, chicken, spinach and basil scrambled eggs some mango and watermelon

Lunch: salmon with carrot and beetroot salad, spinach and walnut salad

Dinner chilli and lemon prawns with green spaghetti.

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Hi There. I'm a Brissie 1st time Whole 30, good luck with your journey. I'm still trying to work out what I can have for a milk in coffee substitute. Might have to give it up. All the almond milks seem to have lots of additives. And same for coconut creams. Have a good second day.

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Day 1

Breakfast : zucchini fritters made with 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil. Topped with tomato, basil and salmon 1 plum

Lunch: chicken and avocado salad, olive oil/vinegar dressing. Grated carrot, pumpkin, cucumber and tomatoes

Post work out snack : chicken breast and avocado

Dinner: steak, sweet potato chips, broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini

Not enough carbs in breakfast, brain fog, lethargy this morning. Sweet potato will be added tomorrow am. Had to cut my work out short this afternoon as I just didn't have any fuel left in the tank. I need to find some easy pre-post workout options that are not shakes

Felt much better after lunch with the carbs from the pumpkin and carrot on board.

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Day 2

Breakfast leftover broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini , grated sweet potato, 2 eggs, coconut oil cooked up into bubble and squeak.

lunch: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, tuna, olive oil/vinegar, blueberries

Dinner: modified damn fine chicken cooked on the barbie, sweet potato chips, lettuce, fennel,cucumber, tomato and carrot salad with olive oil/vinegar

My workout was mid morning so felt no need for pre and post work out snacks, breakfast and lunch was enough.

Not missing milk in coffee which is good. Feeling surprisingly good..was expecting to feel awful today (Day2 hangover). Maybe that will hit tomorrow. I am surprised at my low inclination to eat fruit as I tend to be a bit OTT on the stuff especially in summer.

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8 drumsticks, 4 thigh fillets ( I am sure chicken breasts would be fine). I like it with thigh fillets as it is easier to feed to my kids that way

Marinade - 2 shallots, 1 leek, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 3 table spoons apple cider vinegar, as much basil as I could get out of the garden and salt to taste

I (well hubby) cooked them on the barbie. 10 mins high, then turned it down to medium and about 25-30 mins I think.

It was sooo good. And we have leftovers which means no cooking in tomorrow's heat wave. Also roasted some beets while we had the webber going.

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Day 3 - heat waves suck...day 3 sucks...lol. Not a very positive start but today I have been lusting after non-compliant foods. Foods that I don't usually eat so I am not sure why. My kids popcorn looked like the most amazing thing this afternoon. I had to have food, I settled for beetroot tuna and olives

B: pumpkin, gai-lam, kale sautéed in coconut oil with 3 eggs. (Trying more protein for breakfast didn't seem to help with mid afternoon slump, might try more protein again and some fruit)

L: med tuna salad (well-fed), lettuce cucumber and avocado, 1 orange

Snacks, coconut water ice-block, beetroot, tuna, olives, almonds and dried apricots (been nut so hungry today

D: will be left over chicken, fennel and radish salad. Really hanging for some berrys and coconut cream.

Bring on the cool change.

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Thanks Sarah. Need all the luck/ encouragement I can get today.

It is 2 pm, I ate a massive lunch at 12 but now I am looking to pick...yikes...just ate some almonds my daughter had left on her plate, and have been having an argument with the punnets of blueberries in the fridge...I have taken them o out and put them back 3 times without eating them.

Determined not to eat anything sweet today as that is what I am craving. Having a coffee with coconut milk..Blergh and waiting for some eggs to boil.

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Try olives - the salt seems to help with sugar cravings. A teaspoon of coconut butter also may work?

I went to do the coconut oil/butter trick earlier and it is so warm here it is liquid..lol...not quite worth it.

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Ok Day 4 -tired, lethargic, headaches sugar cravings

B: sweet potato and zucchini hash coconut oil with 2 fried eggs and 1/4 avocado

L: tuna, beets olives tomato cucumber grated carrot baby spinach

S: coffee with coconut milk, hard boiled egg

D: roast lamb, pumpkin, braised kale, carrots and broccoli

Today I hit the wall...until I had dinner..lol..mmm I think I ate at least 3 palms worth of meat..it was gooood! The dog was sulking as the fatty bits I would usually feed her went in my gob.

Feeling human again after that

Add more red meat and fat!

ETA: no fruit today...although I have been tempted, but I am determined not to eat the stuff if I am craving sweet.

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Day5: oh I love day 5, the day of no stupid cravings, lack of headache and awesome workouts. Have I found my groove? Maybe? Except for my stinky pits Day 5 totally rocked, here's hoping smelling like meat fat goes away as my body cleanses its toxins or something.

B: leftover roast lamb, pumpkin and kale sautéed in olive oil with 2 eggs (lots,of,fats there as the kale was cooked in ghee and the pumkin in olive oil.

PwoS: hard boiled egg, carrots, black coffee

L: baby spinach, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, 1/2 avocado, more roast lamb, olive oil and vinegar

S: strip of roast lamb, roast pumpkin (made it from noon to 4pm without wanting food..progress yes?)

D: Well-Feds ginger lime prawns/shrimp grilled in coconutmpil on a bed of lettuce capsicum cucumber spring onions dressed in olive oil and vinegar (Totally Awesome meal..2 thumbs up from hubby...who then opened a bottle of wine to have with it..thanks for the,support mate)

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Day 6: I feel like I a starting to find my feet a bit today. I did a cook up of chicken thighs, mince and made mayo...mmmm my new love. So now have go to protein of different types in the fridge so I am not tempted to snack on nuts and fruit. Fingers crossed it works

B: leftover lamb, pumpkin and kale with 2 eggs

L: (6 hours later) salad with carrot, tomato, beetroot, chicken thigh fillet and mayo...mmmmm mayo.

Snack: (4 hours later) 1/2 a palm of chicken teaspoon. Coconut oil

D: Big arse steak! Mmm with massively good salad of lettuce, tomato, beets, pumkin, radish..more mayo ( have I mentioned how much I am in love with this stuff?) walnuts.

Not workout today but walked 2+hours pushing 25kg+ of kids in the pram.

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Well done glimmer, I hope it works for you too! I decided not to replenish my nut supply, that way I cant snack on them LOL. Hubby bought sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, the fats arent quite as good as some of the nuts but I dont scarf them down. Might make some sunbutter to put on celery sticks for a change. I am a bit short of meat variety atm but made a big pot of mince and am defrosting some cooked pork fillet. Going back to the beach on wed after work for a few days...

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The pork belly is great, but I wish I'd cut it in two and used different seasonings, getting sick of fennel seeds ;) Weirdly, they make rocket taste strange. Will avoid this combo in future.

I tried out Palate (near Prahran Market), we should have a Whole30 lunch there sometime, great Whole30 food!

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