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Hi, my name is Andria, and I am a sugar addict....(1/1/13 first Whole30)

Guest Andria

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Guest Andria

My whole30 starts tomorrow January 1. I have made two previous attempts to only last 4 days. I am scared that I may fail. Not a great way to go into this, but I am being honest. I am going to take the strength and motivation from all the wonderful people on this forum to help me get through this. I don't post much at all, but read this forum almost daily and find so much I can relate to in the struggles of others and take away so much from the advise given.

My plan is to fill out my goal worksheet, read the daily newsletter each morning, exercise, eat and sleep well and relax. Stress is my downfall. My career and work environment is very stressful and this has been the cause of failing on the Whole30 previously. I will be logging daily to keep me accountable.

I so look forward to doing this knowing others are in it with me! I think that is what will keep me going. I am keeping the option open for a whole 60 or longer, but don't want to overwhelm myself at this point.

Happy New Year to all!

Best of luck and Whole30 on!

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High-five, sugar addict buddy. There seem to be a lot of us here. Logging daily is a good plan - something that helps me when a craving hits is to ask myself why I want that food? Am I actually hungry, or am I just bored/stressed/sad/angry/[emotion]. Usually it turns out to be emotional. That helps to push the craving away, but it isn't an infallible strategy. Oh, and if you are hungry, eat something, of course! Just... not the sugary food you were probably craving, heh. Good luck, I'm rooting for you!

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I am hoping I am now a reformed sugar addict! Have passed on chocolates, gingerbread, shortbread, fruitcake, dried fruits with sugar, champagne, custard, soda..... and thats just today - wow - I am better at this than I thought! On day12 today of my second whole*... going the full 100 this time. Wishing all my sugar buddies a strong heart for the next 100 days or more :wub:

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Guest Andria

Thanks so much for the words of support Jtandi, CMK and AmyR! It really means a lot and will look back at these words of encouragement often!

Juzbo: that's so awesome that you passed up all those sweets! Congrats & best of luck on your Whole100! You got this!

My Day1:

6:50am wake (bed@10:20pm but didn't fall asleep until 11)

B: eggs, chicken, kale, onion scramble in coconut oil/butter. 2 cups blk coffee

L: Applegate farms compliant deli turkey, brussel sprouts sauteed in evoo/balsamic & pecans, salad w/ evoo/ balsalmic dressing; sm handful compliant trail mix & small apple slice

D: (not hungry 5 hrs after lunch) chicken thigh, leftover Brussels, handful olives, organic spearmint tea

Physical: tired(poor sleep past week), 30min walk after waking; spent most of day on feet preparing food for the week

Emotional: irritable and angry( suspect sugar consumption from the prior days as I don't experience low carb flu too much) and anxious (due to having to prepare lotsa food after being away from home for over a week and due to going back to work tomorrow where my sugar demons usually rear there ugly little heads )

BUT, I am super happy to be at the end of my day 1 having had zero cravings despite all the crappy emotions I experienced today and I can click on the "I did it!" Link in the daily email!!!!

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Guest Andria

Thanks again for the support. Yes, I do have a plan if I encounter a sweets attack at work: I will run up the stairs (and away from the junk!). There is a stairwell right near the sweets table (yes, there is a designated location!) that I like to run up during the day to get exercise. I will also use the HALT method to make myself answer to myself why I am even looking at the junk food.

Just posted in another section about some non-compliant ingredients and waiting for an answer so not sure if I can call this Day2

4:45am wake (plan was to wake 5:15am to workout, but I have been a bit anxious)(bed 10:30)

B: 2 egg muffins w/ sausage; 2/3 small sweet potato, blk coffee w/ 1tsp coc oil

L: 1c spaghetti squash, grass fed gr beef&sausage mix w/ 1/2 can stewed tomatoes, small salad, oil/vin dressing, 1/2 avocado, sparkling water, 1/2 Lara bar, herbal tea

Snack/meal3(11 hr work day so I need to eat b/t lunch and dinner) 1oz deli turkey(compliant), carrots, handful pistachios

D: 2 chicken thighs, roasted veggies, herbal tea w/1tsp coc oil, 3 strawberries, small amt homemade trail mix (less than handful)

Physical: 25 min HIIT style circuit workout 5:30am. Sore back either from workout or playing w/ nieces over weekend.

Plantar fasciitis pain in left foot return midday

Emotional/mood: much better mood today. Slightly irritable, but definitely much calmer. No cravings.

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Guest Andria

Ok, so it looks like I will be doing a Whole32 due to some non-compliant stuff in some supplements that I THOUGHT I checked thoroughly. Thank you, moderators, for your thoughtful input. Doing a longer Whole30 sits so much better with my pysche/ego than starting over (even though I am only 3 days in). Who knows, maybe I will make it a Whole45 or 60?!

Day 3

6:00am wake (11pm bed :-( hard for me to get into bed by 10pm when I don't get home from work until 7:30/8:00pm and still have to eat/clean up/pack lunch)

B: 2 egg/sausage muffins, 1/2 avocado, blk coffee

L: 1cup grassfed beef/sausage mix with 1/3 cup coc milk, stewed tomatoes and roasted mix veggies. Handful homemade trail mix and few banana chips (cooked in palm oil)(note to self: these could def become a problem). Cup of decaf unsweetened chai tea(ingredients ok) Continued to graze on a few nuts after I should have even finished w/lunch.

Post work out: few slices Applegate deli turkey, grape tomatoes, 1/2 banana w/ 1/2 TB alm butter

D: Pan seared trout in coc oil, sauteed Swiss chard & spaghetti squash, raw veggies, LaCroix sparkling water, 4.strawberries 1-2 TB trail mix

Physical: tired on waking & later in afternoon. 20 min walk @ q1pm & 40 min run/walk/sprints w/the pup @ 4:45pm

Emotional/mood: still irritable/some anger. Mostly tired, though. Maybe the tired is poor sleep, TOM, or maybe it is the symptoms M&D refer to on Day3.

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Guest Andria


6am wake tiiiiired & groggy( don't remember bedtime)

B: blk coffee, 2 egg/sausage muffin, 1/2.avocado

L: sparkling water, 2 chicken thighs, roasted veg mix, salad w/evoo balsalmic vinegar & kelp granules, 1/4-1/3 large sw potato; 1/2 Lara bar; van/cinnamon blk tea

Meal3(11+ hr work day): tin sardines in olive oil

D: 3/4 c grass fed gr beef/sausage, sp squash, spinach, carrots, 1/2 can stewed tomatoes; 1/2 banana w/ handful strawberries, few cashews, mint/tarragon herbal tea (oops forgot added fat)

Physical: no workout due to long work day. Tired on waking and groggy/foggy most of morning. Held out 5 1/2 hrs b/t Bfast and lunch(not by choice) and surprise! I didn't die of hunger! The 11 am hr would normal be a time I would start grazing in sugarland. Felt better after lunch, ie more mental clarity

Emotional/mood: felt much calmer at work esp through some minor stress; not easily aggravated today; not much anxiety. However, I found myself contemplating some of the junk food, ever so slightly, today. It didn't take much for me to avoid it, though.

I have not made it past day4 in my previous two attempts and tomorrow is a 6 hr workday with zero time for lunch or breaks. This would be, in the past, a day of constant snacking on the junk food. I hope my Bfast can hold me over 6 hrs!

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Guest Andria

Day5 Yippee, I made it past my 4-day-then-i-cave mark!

6:00 wake(bed 10:30 I think)

B: 2 chick thighs chopped up with steamed broccoli, 1/4 sw pot, homemade Kerrygold ghee, blk coffe

L: 2 sausage/egg muffins, 1/2 c gr beef, avocado, salsa, 1/2 sw pot, handful cashews...I wuz hungreee

D: gr beef salsa, olives, mixed green salad, raw carrots, sparkling water

Physical: demanding work day; run on adrenaline; no break on feet for 6 hrs. Super tired after work, no workout, walking or anything =(

Emotional/mood: feeling sort of down/blah. Despite the demanding day I was calm. Bummed that I am so tired. Maybe I am a day early for the "day 6-8 I want to nap" phase.

I so would have eaten junk by the end of the work day today since it was right in front of my face and I had no time for lunch, I think the only thing that saved me was doing this Whole30 w/everyone else and keeping this log.

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Guest Andria


6:30 wake(bed 10:25)

B: grass fed gr beef, sweet potato, spinach sauteed in coc oil, 1 fried egg on top, few cubes avocado, 1/4c blueberries, blk coffee, herbal tea

L: (post workout)1 1/2 Applegate sausages; sauteed Swiss chard/onion in evoo; fried banana

Snack: 1/2c homemade trail mix; raw carrots, celery, jicama, grape tomatoes

D: filet mignon; riced cauliflower w/ a few raisins mixed in; asparagus basil salad(YUM! Recipe from Elana's Pantry); 1/2 TB sunbutter w/ few raisins (ooh, this could be dangerous. Forgot how much I lurv raisins)

Physical: woke slowly/tired; felt great & energetic throughout day, esp aft workout. 40 min morning walk. 15 min jog then 30 min HIIT style circuit workout in early afternoon

Emotional/mood: no anxiety despite making myself a big to-do list. no anger(except @ all our closet doors that won't latch and stay shut!)

Small craving for a peppermint mocha after catching a whiff of peppermint while shopping

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Congrats on a good day 6! We made it through the weekend. I was verrrry nervous but did not cave. :)

I had to chuckle at your closet door comment, I can totally relate. I have one door in the house that will not obey. LOL

Have a great week!

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Guest Andria

Thanks ladies!

@Juzbo, I have to laugh every time I read "kill all the things" that I almost wanted to experience it!( but I am sure not really) I hope your Whole100 continues to go well. Seems like you have nailed some food/symptom correlations down.

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Guest Andria

Whoop whoop, one week down!

The week in review:

1. Managed the week well w/out insane cravings and minimal (IMO) snacking

2. Managed only 7hrs sleep most nights

3. Ok on the exercise: 3 reasonably intense workouts with some walking

4. Realized that I had forgotten that my compliant foods without brakes are: raisins, dry roasted cashews & nut butter/raisin combo...ruh roh

5. Mood definitely mellowed as week went on....very nice feeling

6. Able to get through 11-12 hr work day clear headed and not tired!

Day 7

6:00am wake(bed 11pm)

B: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 large avocado, salsa, spinach

L: (5 1/2 hr since bfast) 5oz shrimp; mixed raw salad w/ evoo/balsalmic dressing; leftover asparagus basil salad, apple; vanilla cinnamon blk tea

D: leftovers: filet mignon; riced cauliflower; sauteed mushrooms in ghee; sparkling water; 1/4c blueberries. Then.....tooo many raisins & cashews! =/ not sure what happened here. Didn't feel cravings, but once I started was hard to stop. I think my calories were low for the day esp since I didn't eat between lunch and dinner, but then again despite 7 hrs passing I wasn't starving when I got home

Physical: tired on waking, but got my butt out of bed to squeeze in short 25 min walk before work. Good energy all day. Some pain in left foot

Emotional/mood: calm, not easily riled. Slow work day didn't allow for much stress anyway. But still nice to feel calm. Some anger on way home when the SO told me he ate the cauliflower! Came to find out it wasn't the riced cauliflower I was so looking forward to having for din din. Whew!

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Guest Andria

Day 8

6:15 wake ( bed waaay too late)

B: 1 Applegate sausage sauteed w/ coc oil, mushrooms and arugula, fermented sauerkraut, blk coffee. Not very hungry

Post wo: 1 hard boiled egg, few slices leftover filet, raw veg

L: salmon cakes, arugula & raw veg salad w/ splash of balsalmic vinegar, leftover riced cauliflower, few blueberries

D: Well Fed's Morroccan meatballs(md w/ gr turkey); spiced purple cabbage, carrots, raisins; few bites sw potato; sparkling water, spoonful sunbutter & 1/2 orange; mint herbal tea

Physical: woke up relatively easily considering how late I went to bed. Good energy all day(busy day off). 45 min of walking total for the day; 75 min hot power yoga.

Emotions/mood: spent most of day by myself. Not anxious despite having lots to do.

A couple more bonuses I have noted:

1. Decrease in swelling and edema! At the end of a work day I would have pitting edema in my calves and could seem to correlate with my sugar intake. I have no underlying health issues that would causes pitting edema and I am fairly lean (ie, not overweight)

2. I am succeding in keeping my to-do lists manageable. I have a tendency to try and get a million and one things done on my days off from work (most of which is not an absolute necessity, but once it's in my head I feel compelled to get it done that day)

3. Not dreading work as much!

4. Digestive issues seem improved, but I usually have better digestion on my days off from...so will have to see how things go while @ work for rest of week

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Day 9

Wake 5:50(bed 10:40)

B: 2 hard boiled eggs, raw arugula, 1/2 lrg avocado, salsa, blk coffee

1/4 c nuts & 1tsp-ish coc oil since I didn't think I was going to get lunch until late

L: 4 smallish salmon cakes, raw veg;1/2 c blueberries; handful blk olives; leftover spiced cabbage sauté; decaf chai tea

Snack: small piece leftover filet, more raw veg...still hungry despite large lunch and eyeballing the chocolate @ work

D: tandoori spiced chicken drumsticks, sweet potato-coconut soup (yum!), raw veg, 1 dried fig, everyday detox tea w/ lemon

Physical: Tired, blah today. Mild sore throat on way home from work. Want to take some supplements (My Community mushroom for immunity but has non-compliant ingredients ) =(. Only 20min walk in AM. Not happy not having time to get a good amount of exercise in!

Emotional/mood: still good and consistent. Low to no anxiety.

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Day 10

B: 2 hb eggs, raw arugula, salsa, 1/2 avocado, blk coffee

L: 4-5 small Moroccan meatballs, spiced cabbage, apple, sparkling water, ginger peach white tea

Snack: raw veggies, pistachios

D: 2 Applegate sausages, leftover riced cauliflower, sw potato cocnut soup, raw arugula, fermented sauerkraut

Snack: sunbutter, raisins. = (. ..craving

Physical: low back tightness, occ sharp pain left foot. Good energy. No workout due to long work day. Tired afer dinner....too many raisins, grrr. Sick of getting home from work only 2 hrs before I aim to be in bed.

Emotion/ mood: even keel all day until end of work day became frustrated at a couple things that I probably shouldn't have. Work schedule and lack of exercise negatively impacted mood and cravings.

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