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Gadge's Whole Lent


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Day 0.  FBG=162

Hello, world.  First timer here. I don't know what happened to our thread on whole Lent, but I am going to start this personal journal for my own sake at least.

While I am fully enjoying Mardi Gras, have been for a few days, and intend to late into the night (late into the night=after 7pm for me these days), I am really REALLY looking forward to starting my Whole30 during Lent. I am prepared. I am making a leek/spinach/mushroom frittata tonight, to eat for breakfast and perhaps dinner if I don't get to the fish market tomorrow. I am also making a tuna salad for lunch. It's a fasting day, so that is PLENTY. I am well prepared for the normal days of Lent. My fasting blood glucose was ridiculous, as it should be, because I have been eating bad stuff since my doc's appointment Friday. It was 120 that morning. I will get back there.

I am a little worried about ditching some of my supplements. They have bad stuff in them. We shall see. Onward!

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Day 1. FBG=149


I don't know how my sugar went down, since I had pancakes and beer and all manner of things on Mardi Gras, but I will take it. Its the only thing I am tracking, because I am T2D so I have no choice.  Today I feel tired, and achy, and a little crabby, and foggy. My GI tract is not happy. My heart rate was up this morning, I am bloated, my skin is dry and blotchy, and my blood pressure was a little high yesterday, so I expect it isn't great today, but I won't track it just yet.

Basically, I am a wreck. I am so happy to be on the Whole30. Here is my Ash Wednesday semi-fasting menu:

 B; veggie frittata, green tea.

L: Green Salad w/dressing, salmon/mayo combo.

D: More fish, avocado, sauteed veggies. Maybe a little bit of sweet potato and ghee, if I can.

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Day2 FBG 157

I continue to kick. My body rebels. I was, emotional last night, irritable this morning. Slept badly. I had mad cravings. I tried to rationalize my way out. I argued with myself. I won. My head hurts, my everything hurts, really. My skin is a disaster. I am dumping. My bloat is...meh. I made the mistake of not eating enough at lunch. I had a huge dinner. 

B: veggie frittata, sausage, coffee

L: salad tomatoes cucumbers mayo salmon salad .5 small avocado. 

S: Epic bar

D: Chili, avocado, green beans, small purple sweet potato, mayo. Tea.

More cooking tomorrow. I look forward to being home for four days. I am invited out to lunch tomorrow, but feel like I must decline, as I did last night. It's too soon. Maybe next week.

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Day3 FBG 147

Still tired. Slept badly. But, maybe a little better? I decided to stock up on canned wild tuna and sardines for easy work lunches. I found lots of bargains on organic produce and compliant wasabi mayo!  Had a Drs appointment today as,well. Just learned I need to pick up friends in Mexico next week. That will be a challenge, since we need to drive down, then drive their car back as,well. My sugar has been elevated in the 130s and 140s all day. It is usually in the 10s,and 20s between meals. I have a swollen lymph node, too. I wonder if I am getting sick?

B: eggs, salsa, a few veggies, avocado, sardines (eggs and fish split with my dog) tea

L: tuna and mayo, snap peas. Lame.

D: Asian cauli rice veggie stir fry, coconut aminos, shrimp, eggs YUM.

Fighting to tidy the kitchen. Ugh 


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Day4 FBG138

After dragging myself around last night, I actually got the trash out, and it felt like an accomplishment. That bad. I fell asleep watching tv, then went to bed and...was awake an hour later. But I did eventually sleep okay.

Today, a bit more energy. Yay. Though I only managed a walk around the park. Not enough moving.

B eggs chicken sausage veggies from last night w mayo. Tea

L leftover stir fry and almond butter w celery.

S Epic chunks I shared around the living room.

D Artichoke spinach leek chicken. Yum.  

I missed putting parmesan on the chicken, but just a little. What I miss is the glass of wine in my hand while cooking. And after. Old habits.

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Forgot to add, last night I had the obligatory "I ate something off plan oh no" dream. It was a cheese shop with killer bread. I took a bite of cheese and my heart sank. I was buying bread for a party but they tried to hand me a partially full jar of dark fluid that was under the bread. Oh, and I was buying a t shirt for a small nun. Weird enough?

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Day 5 FBG IDK!

Dog woke me up twice in the night. Last time, so hungry I had a small snack, but forgot to take my glucose reading. Oh well. My skin is--was--less red. Energy level is pretty good. I cant believe I did ALL of the dishes last night. I almost never do that.

Glorious day.  Ran errands and went for a beach walk...and got a slight sunburn! Back to red skin, but glowy  red instead of blotchy red. Yay? It will be gone in days. But I didn't plan, got hungry before I could get lunch, and decided to taste a Lara bar and an RX bar. Those could be dangerous. I will plan better next time.

B eggs gf beef sausage salsa avocado on spinach. Tea.

S part of a Lara bar, part of an rx bar.

L Chili. Black coffee.

D will be,steaks,and grilled veggies.


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Day6 FBG 138/154

I woke up early, before I should, that was the high number. More sleep, that was the lower one.

I have had some unexpected challenges today. The person I live with came home with girl scout cookies and also ate a lot of what I had planned to eat next week. We are watching tv, and she keeps eating more cookies. I dont know why it is bothering me so much. I won't cave, but my eating was sketchy today. I had a big breakfast and wasnt hungry for lunch, just ate a little mid afternoon. Then I ate what was left of my chicken artichoke dish, and some potato with ghee. Then some almond butter. Now I am having tea. Ugh. Challenging. 

I have to scramble to figure out meals tomorrow and the next day.

Energy is good. 

B eggs, grilled veggies, bacon. Coffee w coconut cream. 

L a little steak and snap peas w mayo

S almond butter

D chicken artichoke dish, potato.

I am afraid to test my blood tonight. 136. Huh. Will try again in an hour.

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Day7 FBG 134

So glad to be back at work today. Taco Tuesday but I came prepared with my own salsa and gf steak.  I am doing well, no cheating, would like to sleep better but my mind is pretty clear. Too much time in the car today though, and I am tired. Need to do some meal prep.

B eggs avocados salsa sausage on a bed of spinach. Coffee w coconut cream.

L steak, avocado, salsa, on green salad with peppers and onions, tomatoes.

D poached chicken, grilled veggies with mayo, part of a potato. Half sausage.


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Day8 FBG 132

I just got a call from the radiologist's office. They found something on my last mammogram. I have to go back in on Tuesday. It is the earliest they could schedule me. I am terrified.


B Veggie Frittata with 1/2 very small avocado. Tea.

L trying to choke down a green salad with salmon and mayo and the rest of the avocado.

D Chile verde


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I had this happen to me just a few months ago.  I got called back due to an "abnormal mammogram." Luckily, during the second appointment, they just couldn't find anything wrong.  "It could have been a shadow on the original."  So let me just assure you that it doesn't mean for sure that there is something wrong. I wish you the best and I'll be following your thread to learn how it goes for you!

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On 2/21/2018 at 1:07 PM, Present4Life said:

I had this happen to me just a few months ago.  I got called back due to an "abnormal mammogram." Luckily, during the second appointment, they just couldn't find anything wrong.  "It could have been a shadow on the original."  So let me just assure you that it doesn't mean for sure that there is something wrong. I wish you the best and I'll be following your thread to learn how it goes for you!

Thank you very much. I know it is probably nothing, but still...my dad was my exact age when he was diagnosed with cancer. He died 4 years later. It is always on my mind.

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Day9 FBG 132


I have a better perspective today (read=not crying).  Started the day standing in the middle of the street in the pre-dawn for a SpaceX launch.  Lovely.  Last night, I managed to eat a little chicken and an egg on top of a bowl of steamed green beans. I had to have a protein bar on the way home, since I eat lunch at noon and don't get home until 7:30 at the earliest. That works. Today, I woke up bloaty, and couldn't button a pair of pants that I could very well button last week. Boo. Wore something else. Moving on. 

B: Veggie frittata with avocado. Coffee with coconut cream.

L: salmon/mayo with a glorious veggie packed salad and avocado.

S: Epic bar, most likely.

D: NOW i will have the Chile Verde. With corn tortillas an apple w/almond butter. Maybe I should pick up some jicama and serve the Chile Verde on that. We will see.

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Day10 FBG 134

Relaxing day at home. Still a little bloaty. Slept well. Feel okay. Weird cravings kept surfacing, but nothing daunting.

Need an after dinner walk.


B: eggs with spinach and smoked salmon and salsa. Tea.

L: sardines and eggs, more spinach and hedgehog mushrooms. Cinnamon apple and a bit of nut butter.

D: veggie curry with shrimp.

The curry needs more coconut milk, but I was out. I shoyld buy a case of the stuff.


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Day 12 FBG 131

Did a lot of food prep today. I have people coming for the week tomorrow. One vegetarian. I have a few vegetarian dishes to make, but I expect there to be lots of take out and other non compliant stuff, so I have veggies roasting and different meats made. Veggie curry is fixed. Gonna make some ghee. Should be good.

A little tired today. But I feel good. Scrubbed the heck out of my grill. I am still not done. It was in bad shape.  Maybe with this newfound energy I won't let it get so bad next time. I wish I was off all week, but my assistant just called in sick, so nope.

B: eggs sausage avocado salsa coffee coconut cream.

L: Veggie curry with chicken. 

S: rest of sausage, plantains sauted.

D: Chile Verde with a bit of shrimp, rest of plantains, a little squash. Tea.

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Day 13 FBG 133

I woke up with a headache. Almost like a hangover. I think I had too much plantain. Maybe too sugary for me, though its not like I at a BANANA. Sigh.

I pick up people at the airport tonight. As is traditional, I will arrive at LAX with a small pile of burritos. I plan on going to Whole Foods on my way out from work and making myself a salad, THEN going to pick up burritos. Sooner than later. My lunch avocado was rotten, so now I'm hungry. I just ate an Epic bar, so that's why sooner. Grammar!

Tomorrow is my mammo follow up. I am having trouble focusing on anything else.

B: eggs and chilorio on salad greens with avocado and salsa

L: salmon/mayo with salad of greens celery tomato jicama HB egg and compliant dressing.

S: Epic Bar

D: Whole Foods Salad bar w/compliant dressing and maybe some naked rotisserie chicken. 


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Day14 FBG 137

I will start by saying everything is fine and I dont have breast cancer. What a terrifying experience. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me. I am grateful.

Having guests on whole 30 is challenging. I can't eat what they want to eat, and they are mostly oblivious to that. I feel like I can't participate in their merrymaking and feel like an outsider. Everyone decided on Thai food takeout and I tried to order a salad but the dressing had sugar in it. I ended up making a salad and sticking out like a sore thumb, everyone buzzing about what I couldnt eat after that. I wanted to sink through the floor. Great paying 80 bucks for food I cant eat, then feeling bad about not being able to eat it. I went to bed early. They are downstairs making Hurricanes and laughing.

B veggie frittata coffee w coconut cream.

L an epic bar. Too nervous to eat.

D: eggs and salad with avocado and part of a grass fed sausage.


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Day 15 FBG 133

HALF WAY!!! WOOO!!! Today was good! Went to work. Always easier to stay on target at work. But tired. Need sleep.

B: eggs sausage avocado salad salsa squash coffee almond milk.

L: tuna mayo veggie salad .

S: Lara bar

D: roast chicken and paleo veggies. Thank you Whole Foods.

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Day18 FBG 131

I didn't realize how hard it would be to stay compliant AND entertain guests. I fell off. I cannot dedicate myself to another whole30 until April, so I will continue with this broken one and start fresh after Passover. I really was doing fine, and I didn't really fall THAT far. Sigh.

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I am back on track, but it still isn't a real Whole30. I have too many events coming up that will be challenging enough that I don't feel comfortable starting another. Boo.  Will close this thread and start again in April. I think it helps to write it down and be accountable to myself. I will complete a Whole30 because I REALLY want to do the introduction phase. I think it's fascinating. 


I did learn some things from the time I was eating this way though, which is why I will continue to eat this way. I feel better. I didn't feel bad after falling off for a couple of days, but I like this discipline and I like being more mindful of the foods I eat. My body works better. Small amounts of starchy carbs and fruit did not spin my blood sugar out of control. Less alcohol and NOT reaching for a glass of wine after work has been wonderful and eye opening. I also took the opportunity to weigh myself, and I lost a substantial amount of weight.  Big bonus. I still miss cream in my coffee, and I had a chicken and apple salad the other day that REALLY could have used some gorgonzola, but I am astonished at how little I missed dairy. Nut butters are great instead of peanut butter, but still a bit of a trigger. Grains are, by and large, not something i was eating a lot of before, so I can't really say I missed it or didn't. Although I might kill for a really GOOD piece of sourdough toast. I enjoy eating more fish. I will never tire of eggs. Never. Or avocados. Making my own (fill in the blank) has been fun, too. I think I will tackle bacon soon.

So there you have it.  Signing off. Love, Gadge

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