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Canadian Kombucha


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I was wondering If I could have this homemade kombucha from Green House Juicery that has 6g of sugar, but lists cane sugar as an ingredient.

It is in no way sweet. In fact this kombucha is spicy and really helps me when I have an upset stomach.

with that being said I know sugar is not allowed, but all kombucha has sugar and GT's Synergy (that doesn't list its sugar) is compliant with 12-14g of sugar. 

I believe this brand lists it just to be safe, and it is what the probiotic feeds off of. I also believe Canadian label laws are much more strict than the states. 

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This is the article to refer to so you can match the way your label is to the descriptions and see if it's compliant.  The other thing you could do is contact the company and ask them if they put sugar in after the first ferment.

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