Starting W30 with known food sensitivities


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9 hours ago, LisaBaff said:

I went 6 months ago and had some food sensitivity testing done.  ALL dairy and soy were bad. Egg whites were 2 and yolks were a 1 -  (1-3 .... 3 being the worse). ALL nuts scored 1 through 3.  

So, starting W30 do I stay away from or eat the eggs?



I'd stay away during the w30 and then you could always re-intro them to see if you can tolerate them better after your reset. Make sure you Google "Whole30 egg free breakfast" to get some ideas, and stay away from the cereal recreations and chia puddings :) 

My favorite egg free breakfast is a bed of greens, chicken apple sausage, sweet potato cubes, brussels sprouts and ranch dressing/hot sauce. I cook everything on Sunday and just add to a bowl in the morning!

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Without eggs and nuts, your Whole30 will look like an autoimmune protocol (AIP).  You’ll have good luck finding recipes if you search for AIP.  You can always add nightshades in to your foods (they are also excluded on AIP).  I’ve been following the AIP for almost a year now - it’s a challenge at first,  but you’ll figure it out.  Good luck!

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