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Starting tomorrow - got a big sweet tooth & struggle with digestion problems!


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I'm starting my whole 30 tomorrow - and I'm a bit nervous about if I can stick to it!  I try regularly to give up sugar, grains and dairy but I always find my willpower crumbles, especially with sugar/chocolate.  A couple of years ago I followed a paleo way of eating & I felt amazing - I would love to regain that feeling!

I've also struggled on and off for years with problems with my digestion - IBS type symptoms & I know that what I eat is having a big part in it.  It has recently become more of a problem (possibly linked to more stress/tiredness/bad eating habits) and I think doing a whole 30 would really help.  

It would be great to connect with other people out there who are starting their whole 30 or who have used the whole 30 to help with their digestion issues.  I really am going to try to super charge my will power when it comes to sweet, high starch foods & remember that it'll help me feel so much better!

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