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Day 15 - sudden nausea...HELP

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Hey everyone.  On Day 15 and everything was going great (except for monster headache from day 10 thru 12).  Anyway Day 15 was yesterday.  Had my normal breakfast of egg fried in ghee, roasted vegetables (broccoli, apple, brussels, onion, mushroom, squash), and half of an avocado from Sunday's meal prep around 9 am.  Drank a cup of coffee  (8 - 10 oz)  with French Vanilla Nutpod creamer.  10:30 am had a small handful of pecans. 11:00 am drank a mouthful from a bottle of water (Nestle Pure Life) and a banana.  11:15 am I was battling a ferocious battle combating nausea.  I'm talking laying on my office floor swallowing the saliva as quickly as I could for 10 minutes.  Needless to say I left work at 11:30 am and was in bed by 11:45 am.  stayed there the rest of the day.  Like i said, everything has been ok the past 2 weeks.  What happened?  Any ideas?  Do you think it was the sugar in the banana by itself?  The vegetables should have been good, right?  Thanks!!  Cindy


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