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Life after Whole 30 - Round 2 - Taking Care of Me


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Day 1 - Restart

M1 2 eggs, capsicum, onion, chorizo, 1/2 avocado, black tea (feels good to eat well! Yeah!)

MT - apple and water

WTF Moment - small slice of sons birthday cake (mud cake, covered with Betty Crocker chocolate icing, covered with 1 1/2" thick marzipan/fondant icing and coffee with milk. WHAAATTT???!?!!??! :o

more later... -_-


M2 - complaint sausage and raw snow peas, black tea

WTF Moment #2 - miniature York Peppermint patty ( could have opted for the fruit, but made a conscious choice not to. I need to explore the WHY here.)

AT - Orange, black tea

M3 - Chicken breast, covered in almond meal and paprika, salad, sun dried tomatoes and olives, water.

So all in all not a completely horrendous day, BUT, I KNOW I could do better.

Eating that sugar is only going to make it hard tomorrow too.

Tomorrow I'm going to shoot for 100% no white processed sugar or things (other than fruit) that contain sugar.

I'm proud of myself for getting back on this wagon, but I know I can do better.

Sunrises are for starting over, accepting where you went wrong and learning to do better.

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A belated Happy Birthday!

We all have those WTF moments. I made cookies earlier this week, had one and can't say I really enjoyed it. Did that stop me from having a cookie a day for 2 more days? Nope. The dragon is evil and screams for attention. I am working on being deaf to her screams!

Hope you are back to 100% soon!

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A belated Happy Birthday!

We all have those WTF moments. I made cookies earlier this week, had one and can't say I really enjoyed it. Did that stop me from having a cookie a day for 2 more days? Nope. The dragon is evil and screams for attention. I am working on being deaf to her screams!

Hope you are back to 100% soon!

Thank you so much for your feedback and reply. Oh and Thank You for the birthday shout out! :)

I can SO relate to what you mean by not really enjoying it. I didn't REALLY enjoy the cake. I mean, it wasn't really THAT nice. And the York Peppermint patty, well they melted when I brought them back from the States with me, they were cracked and gooey. Really?! LOL

Yes the dragon is evil, but she does parade herself in my mind with promises of being something she is SO not! Really! Parading!!! I liked it better when the dragon was locked away in her dungeon and I was the one taunting her.

Anyway, I am feeling a lot better with the worst of it being a cough that comes around 3 or 4 times a day and not really bronchial at all. So a good thing.

Tomorrow, I'm going to challenge myself by going for a walk tomorrow evening. Maybe I'll even get in a run. :)

Thanks again for your on going support. :)

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I think today was, for the most part, successful.

I'm still learning about the triggers and still learning to have a bit more willpower.

M1 - watermelon, 2 eggs, capsicum, onion, chorizo, coffee with milk

MT - apple, latte from the shops, tiny cookie the size of my thumb

M2 - steamed veggies, tinned tuna in brine, water

AT - pear and water

M3 - 1/2 chicken breast, compliant pizza sauce, capsicum, mushrooms, onion, olives, 25 gr cheese.

Tried 2 TBS of DS12yo's homemade calzone.

I won't beat myself up over the dairy, the tiny cookie or the homemade calzone I tried.

It would be counter productive to abuse myself over but I do recognise that I've kind of let my guard down and I'm more "soft" than I was or something is happening there.

I did, though, get back on the exercise horse and ran/walked 25 minutes/2.32km!!! Go Me!!! :)

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Day 2

Back to work today.

I did really well all day, but struggling with a *No sugar* headache.

Trying to flush out the headache with water I'm on to my 2.25th litre.

Here is my log:

M1 - banana, nuts, water

MT - pear, nuts, tea with milk

M2 - boiled egg, 1/2 chicken breast with pizzola toppings, tea with milk

AT - 1/2 orange

M3 - Steak with potato bake, steamed veggies

Very exhausted

going to bed early.

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Day 3

Feeling pretty good however, I didn't go for a walk tonight. I'm going to plan on getting up at 6am to walk/run and see how that works for me. Maybe it will be better.

Today was a good day. My headache is nearly 100% gone. Maybe I'm on the downward spiral of my sugar issue for now.

M1 - 2 eggs, capsicum (red and green), onions, chorizo, 1 TBS sweet potato, coffee with coconut cream

MT - full cream latte, apple 2 small cubes of cheese

M2 - chicken and Salad, water

AT - orange, nuts and water

M3 - lamb chops and salad

Feeling pretty good, emotionally stable and a little bit stoked because I dropped another 1.5kg (lbs) since I got home :)

Planning to sleep early and get up early :)

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Hi all,

I'm still here. I've had a few good days and a few not so good days but not really any days that I'm completely and utterly regretful of.

It's been six days since my last log in :(

I am learning the value of logging though as I think it simply just motivates myself to do better. I even try to journal/log when I can't get to the computer. And I missed a few days there. When I did I started to feel... like something was missing. Motivation, accountability something I'm not 100% sure what it is though.

Since I last logged I have been feeling really tired. I'm wonder if it's because I went back to work and I'm trying to get mentally up to par with everything. What deadline is where, what needs doing on what etc etc.

Emotionally, I've had a few rough days. When I came home from the US, I found that my best friend had fallen ill and after some tests were done she was discovered as having something called

Chiari malformation. It's not life threatening, but it's just changed her perspective on life and she is not the same girl I've grown to love. I am certain that I would not be either. So, when I needed her, she in turn, needed me too. Even though I couldn't fix things or change them, I could cuddle her and tell her I would always be there for her. She is much better now, but has to wait until early March to see a neurologist. I hope he can give her alternatives to brain surgery.

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It's been a pretty shitty couple of days, (excuse my french) Today was the epitome of it all and I emotionally ate.

I've been doing fairly well eating 80 to 95% Paleo but today, I really didn't want to care anymore about anything.

Recently my father has given up chemo and radiation as well as smoking. A bit of a hurrah with a ho-hum, not in that order though.

My best and dearest friend whom is only 38 has taken a turn for the worse and hasn't really be ill with anything more severe than a bad cold ever has had to go to Brisbane to see if she will need brain surgery!!! She has been diagnosed with

Chiari malformation as well as something to do with a duct in her brain that does not allow the fluid there to flow between two ventricles causing her

encephalitis type issues. She is so scared and I'm doing my best to be brave and positive for her. Positive is easy, she is, and deserves for everything to be fine.

And lastly my darling husband and 18 year old son got into the biggest blue this morning where as if I didn't stand in the middle it was going to get ugly. That didn't stop them by much. I'm sore, my feelings are hurt, my heart hurts and my little 12 year old is trying to be support network for all of us. Pitiful and shameful. I'm letting him know that everything will be alright and families do disagree sometimes but it's the degree that various. being rough with each other is never the answer.

I had 1 teaspoon of sugar, a coffee latte and a Caesar salad with dressing and crouton on it. I guess if that's the worse I do, I'm not doing too bad but recognise I could do better.

Tomorrow will be better...right?

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Yes feeling better.

Went to the pool today and had a 30 minute swim.

Feeling less foggy in my head, ever so glad about that. Feel like journaliling again to. Feels positive.

Always resorting to healthy eating at breakfast and dinner but not eating fruit and drinking much water.

Looking forward to picking that back up tomorrow.

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