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Perge Subridere FIRST 30 DAYS Feb 19 - Mar 20


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Two weeks ago I decided I was going to try that Whole 30 diet regimen ONCE AGAIN. This past December my husband joined me in attempting it for the first time. We found we did feel better despite we fudged a bit and only followed it for 3 weeks. The biggest reason I didn't follow through was I hadn't informed myself with the reason why the diet could work IF I gave it an honest chance. I did NOT schedule a menu in advance nor get involved with a support team. This has changed!

This time it is going to be different! For the past 2 weeks I have been reading all I can about the

  • Whole 30 concept,
  • Autoimmune Protocal (AIP),
  • Fermentable Oligosaccarides, Disaccharides, Monosacharides & Polysols (FODMAPS) and
  • high histamine foods

.....all in an attempt to learn why I feel sluggish, sad, isolated, not living up to my full potential, lacking in confidence. I did not realize how food, even healthy food, can have such a negative effect on one with food sensitivities.

I am excited to commit to this journey and see where it leads me, even if my husband decides to drop off. I invite others to join me if they would like someone to share their quest for feeling better with too!

In gratitude,

Perge Subridere (keep smiling)

Jeanette :-)

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Congratulations on recommitting to Whole 30!  I have finished my first one and have reintroduced a couple of foods. So far, my results have been good.  Two of my biggest changes is a lowering of my blood pressure which I am sooo happy about and a decrease in the incidences of tremor in my left hand.  This just started earlier in 2017.  Since I have been truly compliant on Whole 30, I have had only one episode of tremor, and that was a mere vibration.  I don't know if there is a connection yet.  

One thing I am discovering is that reintroduction requires just as careful planning as starting Whole 30 does.  I have no legumes in the house at all and if that is the first thing to reintroduce, I need to get small quantities to try for the sake of tracking reaction. We are not big into beans and prefer almond butter to peanut butter.  Yesterday, I ate lunch out with my husband and the salad I had was low calorie and almost by not quite compliant.  The glass of wine (34 days with no alcohol) was lovely.   I feel still in control and not at the mercy of food cravings, so that is good.  However, I want to do this right and will follow reintroduction protocols.

I wish you well on this journey.

PS. I have lost 8 pounds. :D 

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Hi D!

Oh my! Do you have poodles? They are beautiful!!!

I do too! Her name is Sharona, she is 4 years old, knee high, is a silver and groomed with poodle balls at the base of her ankles. Sharona comes to the office with us everyday. What a delight! We have an insurance/retirement planning firm, our clients love her and like to share their doggie stories.

We commend you on your commitment to make the required sacrifice to try different things to improve your health. Kudos for sticking with it! Decreasing blood pressure should make you feel better :-)   Extremity tremors must be unnerving-not knowing it's cause nor cure. You must feel great relief seeing your persistence pay off! 

I have been working on preparing for this diet the past two weeks. My husband thought it strange to not just jump in but that is what I did in December with minimal results. Even still I lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks, he about the same and we did notice a bump up in our energy. Yea! Stress has subsided at work. The health insurance season of open enrollment lasted for 10 weeks, working 10-14 hours 6 days a week, ended January 15. Now I can recommit to strictly sticking to this regimen.

My husband and I were discussing someone's obituary from the newspaper this a.m. The gentleman had died at age 60, the paper said he died of "natural causes". Are you kidding me? Is this all most expect to get out of life? Just 60 years? I am 61 and want so much more out of my life. I got a bit of a tickle from this comment....and then I thought how grateful I am that I care enough about my life and those around me to want to live my best life, kick my rear when I slack because I am not doing what I can to feel better. It is so sad to see many are lulled to thinking their doctor or a "pill" is the way to improved/vibrant health.

I get the opportunity to meet many people through my line of work. It makes me sad to see so few understand that they hold the key to much of their health and happiness.  That we must hold ourselves accountable to healthful practices. I do understand why so many fail, as I seem to keep doing. Even trying to understand our unique health conditions is complex and it is hard to find specialists who care about getting to the root cause of our issues, not to mention it is expensive and time consuming to follow a healthy path. And just about the time we are up on our horse again, some stressor hits us, we loose our balance and things get out of control once again. Practices that took so long to establish can be gone overnight. We all have stressful lives. It is so very hard when our culture does not support good health. We have so many clients who are hanging by a thread just trying to afford health insurance. I feel so very bad for them.

So thank you D for taking the time to reach out today and I look forward to hearing how you are progressing. I am glad to hear the wine did not bring negative consequences. Who can live without it??? I love a good red and during the summer I have a favorite white that tastes so refreshing, like fresh sweet green grapes!

Perge subridere!

In gratitude,

Jeanette :-)

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Hi Jeanette,

What a small world we live in!  I have one standard poodle, my first.  She is 9 months old and is the joy of our lives.  I have had dogs all of my life and would not know how to behave without one or five in my life.  The description of Standard Poodles includes the phrase "very active". Oh my,  I thought I knew what that was with an Airedale, several Rottweilers, and a couple of Labs in my history.  Nothing tops this girl for energy.  We go out every day regardless of weather for at least 30 minutes and often times much more.  

I am a retired teacher with 40 years in from 7th grade through college in English, Reading and Student Success.  I still teach a class or two at the local junior college when they need me.  

Thanks for the encouragement and for connecting with me.  A little positivity goes a long way. :D

Keep Smilin'   :)


There is a Standard Poodle Discussion group on facebook that is usually pretty good.  Unfortunately, someone posted something about Doodles and everyone is weighing in.  Most of it has been civil but sometimes not.  Also,  another group is I Have Standards.  This group posts gorgeous pictures of their beautiful dogs.  If a specific question is asked people will answer, but for the most part, it is a mutual admiration society.  <3




























































Zoey harness on porch.jpg

Zoey gettin it done.jpg

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