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Stressed in a Whole60


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I started a Whole 60 (or 67) on January 1. I was doing ok until some changes at work made me decide to relocate in the very near future. 

I'm getting very stressed about the upcoming move and all the plans I have to make. I'm back to not sleeping well. Better sleep was one of my best NSVs!  And I also just want to eat all my feelings right now!

I am so close to just throwing in the towel. I need some encouragement! 

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Hi, Deb. Stress really sucks, and when we're used to eating to deal with our emotions, that can be a really hard habit to break.

Hang in there. Remember that while eating dessert or potato chips or whatever your particular stress food is may feel good in the moment, it isn't really going to fix anything, and there's a good chance you'll feel physically worse, and that you'll mentally feel more stressed because you gave in to eating something you know isn't making you healthier.

If trying to do Whole30 is adding to your stress, it's certainly okay to step back from some of the rules, as long as you're making a conscious decision to do that. That doesn't mean go buy a bunch of ice cream -- but if it's easier for you to pick up a rotisserie chicken and some pre-cooked veggies that maybe have some sugar or were cooked in canola oil or something like that, no one would fault you for doing that, if it helps lower your stress levels. It sounds like you're well past your initial 30 days, and while we'd recommend reintroductions normally, sometimes things just don't quite work out in the most ideal way.

Do try to do some kind of gentle exercise each day -- yoga or stretching, going for a walk, it doesn't have to be anything major, but sometimes just some simple movements can help you relax a bit. You might try journaling your feelings, or talking to someone you trust about them. It's definitely understandable that you're stressing, moving is always stressful, and a move that's going to happen quickly without necessarily having time to plan as much as you might like is going to be even worse.

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@ShannonM816  Thank you so much for your kind words!  I'm not usually an easily stressed out person, so that's what is making this so much harder for me.  Because I don't generally let a lot get to me, I don't always have practice handling stressful situations well.  Add to that my work on night shift.  That's why sleep was such an important NSV for me!

Potato chips have always been my go-to, but oddly, I have a bag on my counter right now that isn't even tempting me in the slightest.  My Sugar Dragon is rearing her ugly head  now.  The gluten free gourmet cupcakes in my freezer sure are calling my name right now though!  I won't throw them away because they will be worth any discomfort I have post-reintroduction. 

I don't think the program is really adding to my stress.  It's my second round, so I know to always have emergency food on hand and can always roast a chicken and eat for a week in a pinch.  So I think I'm ok sticking to the program, as long as I remember to breathe and remember why I am doing it in the first place. 

I walk the dog twice a day already, but sometimes that adds to my stress because it's a chore.  But I love the idea of adding in yoga and stretching.  I also treated myself to some new essential oils to help alleviate stress. 

This, too, shall pass.

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