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R1D24 progress question


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Just posting to see if anyone has any thoughts on how I am responding to R1D24. I have strictly followed the plan in spite of visiting grandchildren‘s treats, Valentines Day, and 2 birthday parties. I haven’t found the ”tiger blood“ yet but my hot flashes have been  better (until the last 2 days).  I am finding that my cravings are increasing rather than decreasing the past week and I feel irritable. I have not weighed, but do not look as though I have lost any weight. It seems like there is a high fat intake with this plan with the meats and plated fats. I wonder if this along with 1-2 servings of daily fruits and nuts could be preventing any weight loss for me. Not sure why the other symptoms are getting worse either.  Any feedback would be appreciated. 

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We could give you better feedback if we knew more specifically what you are eating, so if you could list a day or two of typical meals, including approximate portion sizes and specific vegetables you're eating, that would help.

You mention hot flashes -- I'm assuming that means you're menopausal, but if that's not the case, do know that women's cycles do affect their appetite, so women in the week or so leading up to their period do find themselves more hungry and having cravings. If you think that might be what's going on, definitely go ahead and eat more. If you check out the Ladies Only section of the forum, you'll find that women's cycles often change on Whole30, so especially if you're only recently menopausal, or are in peri-menopause, that could be what's going on even if you weren't really expecting it. I'm certainly not an expert on hormones, but the fact that you notice a change in hot flashes the last couple of days and are feeling more irritable makes me wonder if there's some sort of hormonal stuff going on.

We don't really recommend that anyone eat nuts daily. We'd generally tell you to limit it to not more than a closed-fist-sized serving every other day or less. I don't know that they'd definitely prevent weight loss eaten more than that, but certainly they are easy to overeat, and the do cause digestive issues for many people that could result in bloating, which might add to you feeling like you're not losing weight.

You never have to eat any fruit, but a serving or two a day with meals shouldn't keep you from losing weight, as long as you're also eating plenty of vegetables.

I know the fat intake is hard to wrap your head around if you're used to being told that low-fat and no-fat everything is healthy. I'd encourage you to read some of these for more:  






If you previously have been limiting your fat intake, or your calories generally, it is possible that eating more will cause you to gain weight temporarily, but if you continue to eat this way, your body will get used to that amount of intake and your weight will over time settle to whatever point it ought to be. 


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