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Soups, leftovers, there are fun ideas here: (some of these are meant for kids, you may need to adjust serving sizes. Also, they may not all be whole30, but should be easy to adjust). Some of these may be more salad-like, but still worth mentioning:

Basically, for any meal, just aim to meet the meal template, which you can download here:

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I pack a salad for lunch every single day~ mostly add chicken but mix it up with salmon and hard boiled egg sometimes. Was looking for something new. The spicy tuna cakes from the nom nom paleo site ^ look good. I also saw romain lettuce tuna boats that looked good. If you have microwave access you could bring any leftovers (stuffed bell peppers or chili?)

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I do a lot of leftovers for lunch

chicken salad on a lettuce wrap:  chicken, homemade mayo, dill pickles and a llittle apple or chicken, homemade mayo, a little apple and some cashews (nuts of choice) 

Tuna salad on lettuce wrap or eat on a 1/2 of pepper

Also I cook a large piece of salmon and baggie is up to eat that with salad or in a wrap or dip it with veggies and guac or on plan ranch

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