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Joining in from New Zealand! January 2013!


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This is my first Whole 30, but I've been paleo for 1 1/2 years. I live in New Zealand so I'm officially starting on the 2nd, which is the 1st in America... I live in the future!!... Reason being is that I'm from America, and so most of my paleo pals who are participating in the Whole 30 are starting that day and I wanted to join in.

I have a lot of changes happening in my life right now and so I think this might be coming at the perfect time to help me transition.

Here's a short summary: I just got married and haven't really been able to eat like a good paleo girl ever since... I never really gave up dairy, dark chocolate, or wine on the paleo diet, which I know a lot of people do, but I feel like I was having those three things a lot more than I should have been... I recently stopped taking birth control and would like to have better nutrition as my body transitions out of the daily hormone dose and learns to handle my own hormones again...

I intend to take vitamins during my Whole 30 to help with the post birth control vitamin depletion. I read the article about the Whole 30 approved look at picking vitamins, so I feel alright about this.

Also, I think I might try an auto immune protocol approach to my Whole 30. The reason being is that I've always felt like something else was bothering me that wasn't yet eliminated... I guess this could be the naughty dairy, wine, and chocolate, but it seemed like it was beyond that. It's not like I had those foods every single day. There were periods without them, and nothing seemed to change. So I'd like to play around a little bit. Part of me worries that there's just too much going on as it is, and that I should just do the normal Whole 30... But I don't know, maybe that is just an excuse. I guess I have until breakfast to figure this out!

Let the days begin!

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Welcome! Congrats on your marriage and your commitment to good health:) I'm embarking on my 3rd whole 30(this time a whole 100) and I would recommend trying the first 30 days as the program suggests, and then maybe fine tune for anything additional after you have completed the 30 days.

This is a great community of support, don't be afraid to ask questions and search through the site for info and encouragement.

Happy new year and whole you!

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Thank you everyone!

@ Aberrantatavia: And after having a sleep on it, I think I might save the auto immune protocol for later. Thank you for your recommendation!! I'm guessing that since I have always allowed for alcohol, dairy, and chocolate in my paleo diet that there will likely be some amazing changes from stepping away from those crutches. And my husband agrees that we should just do this one as normal, and then expand later. We are paleoers for life, so this will not be my one shot!

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