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Suddenly, after 10 years, I have hot flashes AGAIN


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I am on Day 19. Ever since Day 15 I've been having hot flashes 1-2 times a day. i completed menopause with no hot flashes about 10 years ago, I find it very strange to have them now. I have been compliant. I have not been eating soy - which I used to eat regularly. So, my question is has anyone else had a return of hot flashes post menopause, and will they stop?

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Have a poke around this forum subheading that you're in and you'll see that lots of people have had same or similar concerns.  Hormones are what rules our bodies, and especially for women so when your body is changing (especially if you're removing an inflammatory food you used to consume regularly like soy), hormones change too and that can bring back certain side effects.


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Yes! I am 63 years old and on R1D29. I have been past hot flashes for six years, at least. Three days ago -- hot flash! I've had one every day since.  They are not as intense as they were years ago, but they are still inconvenient and annoying.  I'm hoping it's just a hormonal hiccup that will soon even out.

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