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Shannon's Round2 Log


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Hi all!

I finished my first round of Whole30 in 2016 and I felt great!  But life happens, priorities shift, and now I'm back to eating all the junk.  I feel tired on a regular and lack motivation to get things done.

So I'm back!  Both my husband and I will be doing this, so I have great support.

I'll be starting again this Saturday.  (I'm still finishing my pre-birthday cake :-O )  This week has been a time to prep and gather my tools.  I just purchased glass containers to pack lunches, cooler bags, a Spiralizer, an air fryer, and the hubs will be sent out to get more propane for the grill.  I'll likely be renewing my Costco membership.  I've started some meal "mapping" for a few weeks. 

I'm looking forward to being back in the saddle!



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Thank you Jager07!

I'm still in prep-mode.  Given how much energy I've been putting into getting ready to start, I have to admit more than a little shame over what I've been eating leading up to Saturday.  I'm clearing out non-compliant foods by cooking them up for meals, but the consuming of them already makes me feel like I'm cheating.... and I haven't even started :-O  I guess this is making me even more eager and excited to start.

I've been reflecting on the R1 accomplishments that I felt really proud of: breaking reliance on artificial sweeteners, staying more hydrated, discovering how delicious natural foods were, and generally not needed to snack so much.  I'm looking forward to experiencing all those again.

Today, the spiralizer (and cookbook), milk frother, and airfryer were delivered, so I'll break into them today and try to figure out how to use them.   I have some lunch packing supplies on the way, and then on Friday.... I shop!


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Okay, Day 1 -

Breakfast: 3 eggs, sauteed veggies, compliant salsa, 1/2 banana w/ some cashews. Coffee with compliant almond milk

Lunch: Lettuce, canned tuna, mayo, diced veggies, pickles, dump ranch

Dinner: Crockpot roast beef, roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts w/ compliant bacon & broccoli


Notes: Had a pre-birthday dinner the night before and actually had a mixed drink (only one = lightweight!).  Bad decision. I feel dehydrated and sluggish today. But I got good sleep, am drinking water, and hope to flush it from my system soon.


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