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Day 20 - 2 Days of Stomach Aches after Meals

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Im loving this journey but the last 2 days I've been getting stomach aches. 

I am following the meal templates, maybe a little less than required meat, I'm not huge meat-lover but I get it in.

I do eat sweet potatos alot (in Butternut Squash Soup, chicken poppers and just baked) maybe once a day. However I didn't have it tonight and I'm still experiencing a stomach ache. Any other ideas?

Breakfast is usually left overs or eggs with onion and green peppers.

Lunch is the above mentioned soup or poppers or different left overs. 

Dinners a standard meat and veggies. 

Squeezing in an apple or banana or day.

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It's hard to tell with the way you've written out your meals because there's not a ton of detail but it's possible that the onion and pepper (did you mean pepper with lunch?  If not, I have no idea what a popper is) is giving you problems.  Try taking that out for the time being and seeing if that helps.

One point you didn't ask about but I"ll mention anyway - you don't HAVE to eat fruit... squeezing it in sounds like you're making a special effort to ensure it's included even if you're not hungry or not wanting it?  Fruit is entirely optional but if eaten, should be limited to 0-2 fist sized servings a day and eaten only with meals, not as a snack or dessert.

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