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Reintroduction Phase


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I started my Whole30 Jan 8th after we came back from Disneyland. There was no way I was going to miss out on a churro ☺.  This was my second attempt at Whole30. The first time I only lasted two weeks, but I needed to do this for my health. Was diagnosed with Crohn's, such a drag.  I was tired of always being in pain and waking up to major gut cramps and burning.  So proud I made it through the whole program this time.  Staying away from sugar was the easiest part (except ice cream my kryptonite - but did not give in) because I had started working on that already due to my fibromyalgia.  The hardest part was meal prep, making sure I had something Whole30 compliant to eat.  So hard!  Specially when you are out and about.  Now I am in the reintro phase.    I guess it is suppose to be a 7 day reintro but I have taken longer because I am a little scared. So far so good have gained a few new recipes from this and I actually enjoyed my oatmeal with almond milk. Made my first homemade mayo and looking forward to making my own pesto.  Such a great program thank you for sharing it.

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