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Day 14: 2 Problems #1: Feel no difference #2 Abnormal Period Spotting


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I am on Day 14, I've been carefully following the program and I have two issues I hope you can shed some light on.

#1 I feel no different that before the program (my energy levels are consistent, my clothes fit the same). I would be OK with this, and hope the changes will come, if it wasn't for issue #2.

#2 I started my period after 3 years of no periods/bleeding, due to my Mirena IUD.


A little about me:

Sample food day:
Breakfast: egg casserole with bacon and sweet potatoes
Lunch: spinach salad with strawberries/clementine/nuts and a hearty soup 
Dinner: chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus

I work out 5 days a week, with one long run of ~7 miles. 

Before Whole 30 I ate healthy but had a big sweet tooth, so I started Whole 30 hoping to have better control over my sweet tooth long term and feel more energy / better workouts. I am feeling very frustrated, especially with starting my period.

Thanks in advance for any insights.


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Hey @kck6vb & welcome to the forums :)

Ok, so with regard to problem #2 please know that this is not entirely uncommon. Even when people are using hormonal birth control it is fairly normal for some spotting, or for a full on period to come earlier than normal, or at a time when there wouldn't normally be one. This is a lot to do with the fact that what & how we eat impacts our hormones, and so when we change our way of eating it can & does impact the hormones causing changes in our monthly cycle. This does settle down as the hormones adjust to the change.

With regard to problem #1 I'd say that you're probably not eating enough. If you're working out five times a week youu should be including at the very least a postWO meal of a lean protein (& optional starchy carb depending on the intensity of your work out). 

How many eggs are in the egg casserole you;re having at breakfast (bearing in mind that a serving of eggs when they are the only source of protein in a meal would be the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand without dropping) ?

You make no mention of protein at lunch?

Dinner makes no mention of fat.

It's hard to tell with only one days worth of meals but you make no mention of non starchy veg or greens? Are you including  other types of veg each day? High volumes of starchy veg alongside fruit *could* impact the speed at which you become fat adapted, withh feed any sugar cravings, and may impact energy levels...

How much water are you drinking? Are you getting the recommended half an ounce per pound of body weight,daily? Are you salting your food? Getting adequate sleep?

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My portions are decent and I rarely feel hungry, but I will try to eat a bit more to see how that does.

Follow up questions (and answers to your questions): 

You said I make no mention of non-starchy veggies and greens. Doesn't spinach and asparagus meet that category? Am I missing something there? I also frequently do cauliflower or carrots. 

If I am roasting vegetables and pan frying chicken with olive oil for dinner - aren't those fats?

I do feel like I am eating a lot of potatoes, but they are my main carbs, along with some squash and fruit (not in abundance). If I am eating potatoes (mixture of sweet and white) 1 - 2x a day as a side dish, is that too much?

My lunch soups have meat, so I am getting protein in them and if I don't have soup I am sure to include another protein. 

I do salt my food.

I drink plenty of water. 

Some days are better than others on sleep with a toddler around - I usually get 7 hours.


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6 hours ago, kck6vb said:

Doesn't spinach and asparagus meet that category?

Yes. Yes they do - apologies - It would seem that in my effort to multi-task I was a bit too focused on your starchy veg!


6 hours ago, kck6vb said:

1 - 2x a day as a side dish, is that too much?

This really depends on your activity levels, and whether or not you have blood sugar issues. If your workouts are pretty intense then this is probably okay on the days that you train, It's just always good to eat a wide selection of vegetables so as to get a variety of nutrients.


6 hours ago, kck6vb said:

If I am roasting vegetables and pan frying chicken with olive oil for dinner - aren't those fats?

Yes, but often what you've used is divided out between portions when cooking in bulk, or some of it can stay in the pan. Unless your veg are swimming in oil I'd recommend adding another fat source.

Hope this helps!

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