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Hi everyone!

So I've been trying to avoid eating nuts and seeds for the past 2 weeks (suspected they were giving me problems), but I had some almonds today as a snack (unexpected things happened, didn't have time to make/eat a proper lunch) and within 3-5 minutes later my heart starting racing and beating really hard, I got short of breath, and now I have a mild sore throat. Does this sound like some sort of allergy or sensitivity? If so, are almonds related to coconut at all because I believe I react to it as well. 

Thanks :)

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Sounds like it could be at the very least oral allergy syndrome. 

Almond is a tree nut. Technically coconut is a fruit even though some beg to differ.

Allergies/sensitivities don't have to encompass entire food groups, but there are also cross reactions to consider.

Avoid any foods you know cause a reaction, and tread carefully around hazelnuts & walnuts as there is some evidence to suggest a cross reaction between these tree nuts & coconut too.

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