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Life Changes begin tomorrow

Alyson Flores

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Hi everyone,

My name is Alyson and I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful boys, 5 and 2. I have struggled forever with having a healthy relationship with food. In my youth I struggled with anorexia and tend to fall back on old habits anytime I try to lose weight. My family deserves to have a mom and wife that's opperating at my full capabilities. Yes I would love weight loss through this process but most of all I need to learn how to use food to fuel my body. 

I'm so nervously excited to start this journey. Nervous because I want to succeed and don't know if I can. Excited the most because I love to learn. Praying I can get some control over my cravings to make our household run a little more smoothly. I'm doing this pretty much on my own. My husband has agreed to do dinner with me so I don't have to cook multiple meals. 

That's a little about me. I appreciate any advice and or support I can get. I expect this to be more complicated then I'm imagining but know it's not too hard for me to succeed.



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Hi Alyson, I have also struggled with my relationship with food for many years, and like you I tend to always fall back to my old habits after some time. It can be very discouraging when I feel like I am making progress but then I can't make anything stick long term. I do want to lose weight but more importantly I want to be free from obsessing about food, and I also want to have more energy and feel better on a daily basis. I did a whole30 back in August and I was in such a good place at the end but I blew it right away. So my focus this time is to not only get through the 30 days but take reintroduction slow afterwards and see how introducing small indulgences back in makes me feel.

I am a full time student and I work part time. My boyfriend is very supportive and will tend to eat whatever I cook and not keep much junk around. So you do have a few more challenges then me! 

I know this is going to be hard, but I just take it one day at a time. 

I'm here for support if ever you need it, I've been eating paleo for a couple of years so I have a lot of recipes. I am also very passionate about nutrition and am constantly learning about it (and I love to talk about it).

- Alisha 

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