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Let me begin by saying Hello!  I am new here, and my husband and I will be doing our first Whole 30 beginning March 1st.  I am not much of a mayonnaise eater in general, but I do use it for dressings, etc.  I have tried twice to make the Whole 30 approved Mayo using the recipe in the book.  Once with Avacado Oil, and tonight with Light Olive Oil.  Both times, it has come out tasting terrible!  It is rather bitter, and tastes very much like (bitter) oil.  Any suggestions on how to make it not suck?  I really hate to keep throwing it out, the ingredients are not cheap!!

Thanks so much!

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Hey @EMD83 & welcome to the forum...!!

Mayo is one of the most talked about topics here so your question has been answered a whole bunch of times - with a whole host of different suggestions - which is why I'm going to suggest you search the forum.... The best way of doing so is via Google. Type 'Whole30' + 'Your query' into Google (so in this case you'll type Whole30 failed mayo for example) and you'll find a list of links to previous discussions on the topic.

Hope this helps & good luck with the mayo! :)

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