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Maybe a silly reintro question


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I'm almost done with my first Whole30 and am planning my Reintroduction. I'm trying to follow this schedule but I have a question that might be silly... 

If for instance I reintroduce legumes on Day 1 and then go back to Whole30 on days 2 and 3, when I reintroduce non-gluten grains on day 4, is that non-gluten grains AND legumes that are now ok? Like on day 5 and 6, if legumes gave me no issues, is it back to Whole 30 plus legumes?

Or a better example may be on day 10 when I reintroduce grains, since I've already reintroduced dairy on day 7 (let's assume with no issues) can I have pasta with some kind of cheese on day 10? Or is it just grains and then back to Whole 30 plus dairy and non-gluten grains and legumes, etc.?

I tried searching the forums but I wasn't exactly sure how to search for this question... AND I googled and read a lot of websites on reintroduction that didn't really answer this either. Just looking for some guidance, not a website to go read or someone to tell me "google it"... which I seem to get a lot.

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Hey @Whit6410

You need to go back to Whole30 eating between each food group that you reintroduce. So if you do legumes on the first day of reintro you won't eat legumes again until you're finished with each other group - which means that's a no to the pasta & cheese question. Just legumes, then back Whole30. Then just non gluten grains (for example), then back to Whole30. Then just dairy, and back to Whole30 etc etc etc....

Hope this clears things up! And good luck!

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