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Nut Struggles

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Hi there,

I am on day 9 of Whole30. I have to say, I have basically not been hungry at all on this plan, so I think I am mostly doing it right? How can you be hungry when there is so much meat and fat?

I know there are so many other benefits to Whole30 besides losing fat off the body, but for me, this is still my main problem, and I am curious to see if this will actually work for that. I am pretty healthy otherwise and athletic, and just don't have many other issues that need correcting. Maybe the other biggest one is inflammation (waking up with sore muscles?)

I have a question about nuts, however. I definitely understand that you shouldn't eat them very often, more like an emergency food, or maybe it's OK if I eat them every other day (a small handful), because I work out A LOT? 

However, I am wondering if I am actually going way over my nut allowance because I put Almond Milk in my coffee every morning. I know my brand is compliant and there is no sugar, however, to get a creamy effect in the coffee, I have to add a lot, because almond milk is so thin. I tried a bit of coconut milk from the can one morning, and it was way too intense.... not sure if all the almond milk is having the same effect as too many nuts. The almond milk I use has almost no fat, so maybe it's more like nut flavored water, and is more or less neutral? 

I just started using a half almond milk - half coconut milk blend from a carton, and that is pretty good too. But it's so thin, I am still using a lot. Canned coconut milk is too much for me. And black coffee makes me sick to my stomach (not figuratively, literally). Maybe some day I'll just quit coffee, but I am working on quitting all the other things banned during W30 first... 

Basically just asking if I should stop eating nuts all together, since I have a substantial amount of almond milk every morning. Thanks! 

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The number/intensity of your workouts has no relation to the nut recommendations. 

I think you're overthinking this a bit. If you're not having digestive issues, then keep on keepin' on with the almond milk in your coffee. I think it's generally the eating of the actual nut/nut butter that tends to give people trouble, but I won't argue if a mod comes along and says otherwise. 

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