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3rd whole30, Hypothyroid & Hot flashes

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Hi all! 

I am finishing up day 3 of my 3rd whole30. I normally eat 80% whole30, but after lots of travel, decided to restart with a 3rd round. I am feeling great (my tummy is back to being happy and I'm already back to feeling the tiger blood), but I keep getting random sweats and feeling like I'm having a hot flash. (I'm 24!) The other night in yoga, I was sweatier than I have ever been (it was actually gross), and I wanted to check in to see if others with hashimotos have had similar experiences. 


Meal template: 
Breakfast: lots of brussel sprouts, aidell's chicken sausage, & 2 eggs + coconut oil 

Lunch: Chicken stew (with zucchini, peppers, & kale) & some olives for fat & an apple 

Dinner: Fish tacos (a filet of tilapia in lettuce + lots of lettuce on the side & a bit of avocado on the side) 


Thanks in advance! 

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Yes, I had some crazy night sweats at the beginning of mine.  I think it was my hormones settling, because it didn't persist.  Just stay hydrated.  If you start to have a racing heart or palpatations see your doc because it could indicate a swing to hyperthyroid (common with Hashis), but it's probably just hormones.

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