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March30 before 35


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I am making my 4th or 5th attempt at second round of whole 30 starting March 1, today! I turn 35 in June and I want to feel healthy and not disappointed in myself when that day rolls around and the work starts today.  I am at my highest weight since losing baby weight and none of my clothes fit me well. I weighed myself this morning to start and again I'm disappointed. But now, I have a start weight, and I have a pair of jeans in my closet I can't even button so I will try those on on March 31. I am not sure I will weigh myself then. I am trying to break up with the scale for good. 

I did a whole30 in March 2015 and felt great at the end but I was chasing a lower weight. Instead of sticking with it, I started dabbling in low carb diets which led to a restrictive/binge cycle which instead of getting me to my goal just led me so far astray and now I am back where I started. My biggest issue is inconsistency, when I feel I am not losing with paleo, I switch to keto, but then when I'm doing keto I overeat or I question it, and think what is a life without a little fruit or sweet potato. 

I am still considered a healthy weight for my height, so instead of worrying so much about getting leaner, I am focusing on eating well and fixing my habits. While I would love to be leaner, I would love more to accept myself at this weight in the event that I get myself healthy and my weight doesn't budge. At 35 years old, I would rather be happy and active and FEEL GOOD at 165 lb (I am 5'10") and maintain it for the rest of my life, than to severely restrict/worry myself for phases and yo-yo for the rest of my life. On the other hand, when I look in the mirror I see a layer fat/puffiness that I truly believe shouldn't be too difficult to shed. 

Non-scale things I want to work on through diet: 

  • moodiness, especially right before my cycle
  • I am VERY tired after I eat lunch, to the point where I want to take a nap
  • I have severe TMJD I am seeing a chiropractor for. He is working on helping my unlock scoliosis first and then my jaw. My jaw pain has reduced quite a bit with his help but any reduction in inflammation will help.
  • My face, legs and ankles seem to be retaining water. I don't know if this is added weight or water retention.
  • I have incredibly dry skin and tinea versicolor. I'm not hopeful about the tinea, but hopeful my dry skin will improve along the way.

Non-diet things I am working on:

  • Going to the gym at least two days a week. I am a busy mother of 3 young kids, but I have committed to going to the gym on Wednesday nights and Friday mornings. A bonus is to go one time during the weekend. I am healing scoliosis, pelvic floor dysfunction and working on my posture/alignment which requires walking, stretching and some light strength training. I need to be consistent with this so in the summer hopefully I can start lifting heavier weights and adding some higher intensity sessions. 
  • Exercise at home when I can't go to the gym. I do Jessica Smith TV workouts, right now I am just doing walking workouts and some of her low-impact "fusion" workouts. 
  • At least 8000 steps a day
  • At least 64 ounces of water a day
  • Less social media, I deleted instagram, and I've turned off my timeline on Facebook. With this, finish a book I have been reading since Labor Day. I am about 1/3 way through.

Diet challenges:

  • My biggest temptation is wine on the weekend. My husband is supportive of a healthy diet but not restricting alcohol, so it will be tough. I need to remember April is not far off and I can do this! 
  • My worst HABIT is snacking between meals. I have taken nuts out of the house so the only choices really would be carrots or fruit, but this will be the major focus on fixing my relationship with food.
  • I love Dunkin coffee with cream as a treat on the weekends. 
  • Get togethers on weekends; I have stuff going on every weekend in March. Luckily only a couple require food.
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Day one was pretty good. I felt no urge to snack between meals but I did pick at the food while I cooked dinner. 

Day 1 Food:

B- 2 eggs, dijon mustard, mixed greens. Coffee w/ coconut milk

L- canned tuna, mayo & dijon mustard, huge salad w/ 1 tbsp walnuts, extra carrots

D- egg roll in a bowl + sweet potato


Liquid Light, natural calm, 64 oz water

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Do tell.. what is "egg roll in a bowl"?

I have struggled with tinea versacolor for what seems like decades. There is this soap I bought on Amazon and wash the problem area with it (after first eliminating the spots with another product) and it hasn't come back.

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Thank you for the input! I will look up that stuff. Egg roll in a bowl is shredded cabbage cooked up with ginger, garlic and coconut aminos and ground pork... or really any ground meat you want. You can add egg. It's so good =)

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I did not follow through with the Whole30. So many excuses, I struggled hard but fell off. I have been wondering and exploring why I continue to self sabotage though. Maybe Food Freedom Forever would be a good read for me. I also bought Whole30 day by day to use on my next attempt. It feels embarrassing how many times I have tried to get this going, but I guess that's not a really good reason to keep on keeping on. 

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