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I'm doing the "gluten-free grains" re-introduction, and I have some cornmeal on hand from pre-whole30, I wanted to make some polenta with it, but the label doesn't say "gluten-free." I also was going to have some oatmeal and the label on that does not specify "gluten-free" either.

For gluten-free grains re-introduction, does the label need to specify "gluten-free" or can you just eat non-gluten grains (corn, cornmeal, oats, buckwheat, etc...)?

I couldn't find a post that directly answered this question - all help is appreciated!



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I think this would be okay, as long as they don't specifically list wheat or something with gluten in the ingredients. Generally, if a company produces both gluten and non gluten containing foods on the same machinery, they can't label their non-gluten products as gluten free, because people with celiac can react to even tiny amounts of gluten such as might happen from cross-contamination on the machines. If you do have a reaction, and you also have a similar reaction when you introduce gluten-containing grains, you could always do another day of reintroductions of the non-gluten grains using some that are definitely gluten free if you wanted to see if you could have them going forward, but you may not react to any of it, and this way you won't have to go buy something special just to try it.

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