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Hello everyone!

Starting a whole 120 tomorrow. Feeling nervous about it even though I've done several rounds before. I really want to do this and get my health back in check. I've been not sleeping well, struggling with excema, and my back is killing me. I also have like 50 lbs I'd love to lose but am trying not to focus on that too much. Any suggestions appreciated! I'm even going to try and keep this up through a Hawaii trip in April so any whole 30 traveling trips would be great.

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Alright day 1 I've got this! Feeling nervous but good so far. 

M1: tri tip black coffee and a few potato wedges

M2: grandcestors cottage pie (yep w30 approved! Glad to find them because a quick option is nice but 12 bucks is a lot for a meal!) Also some fruit as a side

M3: Planning on making taco salad 

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Day 2 and still on track!!:D:D It's actually felt pretty effortless so far which I'm loving. I'm hoping this will really help me feel better-honestly already feeling like my stomach is feeling better.


M1: sausage and potato wedges

M2: Aidells sausage and blueberries and almond butter

M3: Steak and salad 

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Hi All!

So trying this again starting with day 1. :( A little disappointed but determined to keep on trucking. 

Today's meals:

M1: black coffee and TWF mini sausages with spinich dressed with evoo and balsamic

M2: mini sausages and compliant "chili" (veggies in the chili)

M3: Thinking I may make a hash for dinner with turkey, butternut squash, peppers, spinich, and anything else I can find in the fridge to throw in lol.   

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Day 3! Wish me luck with navigating today as I left my lunch bag on the counter at home and don't get home until 7:15 pm tonight! :\  Other then that so far so good. Doing well and staying on track. Likely going to go to Whole foods to see if I can grab something there to eat to tide me over until our late dinner. 

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Back at day 1 again..feeling annoyed but know I need to do this. I've done multiple rounds of whole 30 including a whole 60 so I know I can do a whole 120 just is seemingly more difficult to stay on track this time around. I'm also worried because I have a trip to Hawaii coming up April 18th and am worried about staying on track but I know I can't put this off. My back hurts, my excema is bad, I'm not sleeping great, it's time. So here we are day 1! Any tips for staying compliant on vacation would be much appreciated! 


Day 1: 

M1: Aidells chicken apple sausage, sugar free applesauce

M2: Aidells chicken apple sausage, salad, apples with 1 tblspoon almond butter 

M3: Compliant taco salad 



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