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Commitment, follow through, and not being perfect.

Mari Kino Brown

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Here I go... Day one of Whole30. Feeling intimidated. The internal committee is loud. I am not succumbing to the siren song of giving up. Perfection is not the goal. My goal is completing what I start. Follow through. The Whole30 start is the start of a new year, new me, new way of being. I do not have to continue to live my past. I can be who I want to be right now. This is my first moment of many moments that will develop as the picture of who I truly am.

My first food for the new year...

Fresh blueberries, mixed nuts and seeds, coconut milk, and cinnamon.

2 x 12 oz cups of brewed black coffee

I'm satisfied, not full or uncomfortable. No headache, bloating, sleepiness, or oral allergic reaction. So far so good. Now to add water to my day. Aiming for 4L but any amount is better than what I have been consuming. 😊

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Wow. How quickly a day slips by. Yesterday was a work day. This holiday routine is messing with my energy. I was exhausted when I returned home. No journaling yesterday at all. Well, now to catch up.

Dinner on 01 January, almond crusted chicken breast, baby greens with sundried tomatoes and vinegarette. Water. Need to drink more water.

02January... Woke up tired and achy. Was planning to run but waved off. Took the time to make breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast... Blackberries, coconut milk, chia, mixed raw nuts, coffee.

Made lunch but didn't eat it. Instead had satsuma mandarins and a pickled egg. Need more water. Day went long and I was caught unprepared. Had a fruit buddy (fruit and kanten snack).

Dinner... Beef tips with maitake mushrooms and green beans. Need more water!

So here I am at day 3. Still tired and foggy. This will pass. Anothernwork day. Better preparation is needed. Wondering how I will fare while away from home for the coming 2 weeks.

Time to dive into my day. The food plan...

Raspberries, chia, and coconut milk, 1boiled egg.

Baby greens, pulled pork and salsa, pickled egg.

Baked cod, kale and mushroom stir fry.


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Hi Mari,

Congrats on Day 3! I just wanted to caution you on your breakfast the last few days. Your fruit + nuts + coconut milk sounds a LOT like a cereal replacement and, more importantly, you're kinda lacking protein, which is really important first thing in the morning.

Day 3's egg is a step in the right direction, but we'd really prefer you to go heavier on the protein and lighter on the fruit/nut mixes.

Just some stuff to think about!

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Hi Mari, day three was the worst for me! The email from Whole 30 really helped me get through the day but letting me know day 3 is onc of the worst for some people. Today is day 4, not as bad but I have a slight headache. Hang in there!

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