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Sudden bout of extreme bloating


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Hi all, this is my 6th day of W30 and things have been going fine so far, apart from feeling very full at every meal because I'm not used to eating so much. I do have two questions but will split it up in two threads for clarity!

I used to be very bloated from eating, but things seemed to have calmed down after introducing probiotics and having just completing a round of IQS recently. (In between the IQS and whole30, I did have a week Long holiday where I ate local desserts etc though).

Today shortly after lunch, I've suddenly got an intense bout of bloating.

My lunch consisted of

-1 thick round of Chinese cabbage

-1 small sweet potato 

-half a head of broccoli 

-1 small red onion

-1 jalapeño 

-1 scotch bonnet 

-1/2 can of tuna

-spoon of avocado

Shortly after I've had intense bloating that has not happened since months back when I had a smoothie bowl (and since stopped eating so much fruit). It's been 5 hours since and I'm still suffering from the bloating ): 

addtional info is that it's also my second day of my period-- I'm usually more prone to cramping but this feels different from what I'd get.

I trawled the forums and also read up intensively on Low FODMAPs during this time and realised that almost all of my vegetables are on the caution and no no list :o the thing is, I've been eating those vegetables the past week with no problems with bloating at all. Is it the unfortunate combination of so many of them coming together that's causing it? 

I'm reluctant to do FODMAPs right away as I just stocked up the pantry with lots of veggies that will not be allowed. I'm also not sure if it is advisable to do both FODMAPS and W30 at the same time. Would really appreciate any advice and suggestions! 

By the way, I'd also appreciate comments on this meal in terms of portion sizes, I feel like I'm overeating at every meal >< 

Thank you so much! 

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I don't say this that often, but that seems like vegetable overkill to me. I would edit this meal to be the full can of tuna, half or whole avocado and 2-3 cups of veggies. 

Was the cabbage and brocoli raw?

If you're eating that many vegetables at every meal (and shorting yourself on protein and fat), I could see feeling like you were overeating. Fat is where satiety is (feeling full longer), protein is slow release energy and veggies is where the volume is. Try editing a bit and see how you do. I don't think you need to do a FODMAP elimination just yet, do the Whole30 as written first and just watch how many cruciferous and/or raw veggies you're eating at the same meals.


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Thank you for the prompt reply! I'd ran out of meat protein and thought it would be ok to try a vegan W30 recipe, adding in the tuna that I'd leftover for some protein.

The veggies were all roasted, and as I'm typing this I realised I forgot to mention I had some tahini dressing as well. Do raw veggies cause bloating more?

The recipe I used is:


I'm currently on the Real Plans meal plan, and sometimes a little shocked/ surprised at the portion sizes. For instance, the Super Meatloaf recipe scaled for 2 by the app (my Husband and I) uses about 450g of ground meat -- but when I divide the meatloaf by two, it greatly exceeds the 1-2 palm portion of protein in the guidelines. Is that too much meat? 

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The bloating got extreme after dinner, and out of desperation I looked to YouTube for help and did this yoga video twice and got immediate relief

hope it helps anyone else struggling with bloating!


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