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Boucanier's Late Log


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My brother and I decided to start Whole30 together the start of this month (no birthdays or family gatherings to worry about) and I've been consulting the forums basically every day so I thought, why not go ahead and join? I also thought about writing down my meals around Day 5 and taking notes on how I feel each day but just haven't had a space but I'm so glad I've found this. Little about me just for fun:

- I used to take naps every single opportunity I could get and I was missing out on so much in a day. I'm hoping I can get some more energy from this and on day 7 now I can kind of tell I'm more likely to do a few more things when I would usually stop and "relax for a bit" which would turn into a Netflix binge and nap.

- I quit drinking sodas a few years ago due to having headaches from the caffeine and/or artificial sweeteners. I'd have a Sprite on some occasions or drink milk when I'm eating something sweet but my go-to has been water and I applaud anyone who is doing whole30 AND quitting sodas. I couldn't imagine those two together. 

- I love to cook so meal prepping might take all day but I love it and I love that whole30 is incorporating that into its whole strategy. My usual plates would be protein, vegetable and carbohydrate (preferably complex) and I like that I'm not cutting out all carbs completely, just not reserving a space for them on my plate anymore.

- I'm overweight and I would like to change that, but I also absolutely love food. I love to try new foods and even have a blog where try a new fruit or vegetable every week this year (try52.com if interested) so that can be whole30 adapted. I don't expect to walk away 30 days from now a quarter of my size, I just hope there are some awesome non scale victories at the end. I really enjoy the challenge of doing it more than anything. 

Anyway, I didn't start logging until Day 5 and there are a few things I would like to work on.

     - I'm still struggling with the template portions and I feel like I'm mixing too many fats on a single plate and it confuses me at times, like what if I eat sunshine sauce and vegetables roasted in olive oil and meat cooked in oil? I may just have to work with that and see how I feel. 

     - I found a bunch of compliant ground beef and bought it because it was reduced so it's been very beef heavy which definitely doesn't help the weight loss initiative. Looking to switch my proteins up more.

     - Going to try to not spend my house's mortgage on groceries, I feel like this will be worth it, but man, so many other foods are inexpensive. 

Day 5 

Meal 1: Hash of sweet potatoes, onion and peppers with 3 eggs and bowl of grapes maybe about 1 1/2 handfuls

Meal 2: arugula/lettuce mix with some of the whole30 vinaigrette (poured a bit more freely than I intended), a few kalamata olives and 3 boiled eggs chopped up in the basic mayo

Meal 3: protein salad (chicken, celery, onions, almonds and the basic mayo mix) with celery

Day 6 

Pre-Gym: 1 hardboiled egg and a few kalamata olives

Meal 1: Sweet Potato/onion/pepper hash with 3 eggs half a handful of grapes. Mainly eating them so they won't go to waste, but didn't want the full bowl.

Meal 2: Burger with a mushroom cap,roasted  brussel sprouts and broccoli and some mayo to put on top

Meal 3: Had two palmful servings of steak (it is too hard to pass up steak) two baked potatoes with sunshine sauce

Day 7 (today, now we'll be caught up!)

Meal 1: You guessed it, 3 eggs with sweet potato/onion/pepper hash. Ate around 8am

Snack: Around 1 I was hungry and knew my break wouldn't come until 3-ish so I ate a turkey almond Epic bar

Meal 2: Burger with a mushroom cap, roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli with whole30 ketchup on top (love the vinegary-ness of it)

Snack: I want to try and wait at least 4 hours between meals but my stomach was growling so I had about 12ish kalamata olives

Meal 3: Grilled chicken breast with raw carrots and celery dipped in sunshine sauce. Not sure how much sunshine sauce I ate.


First week down and me and my brother are still in this! Excited for the rest!




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Day 8

Before the gym I had a sriracha chicken Epic bar

Meal 1: About an hour and a half after the gym I had 3 eggs with the sweet potato/onion/ pepper hash and felt satisfied but not miserable full. 

Around 1 I ate like 3 radishes dipped in about tbsp worth of sunshine sauce for the blog

Meal 2: Around 220 I had a little over a palm of ground beef on top of a plate filled with lettuce, a cup of the homemade salsa and 2 spoons of the homemade ranch, just one spoon would have been sufficient though

Meal 3: Ate dinner late, around 8, due to plans and it was the same as last night, a grilled chicken breast with raw carrots, celery but also some radishes in 2.5 tbsp of sunshine sauce. I made sure to measure it out this time instead of dipping straight into the main bowl. 


Felt slightly groggy all day, think it was because I woke up so early. I'm still loving all the food I'm eating and don't mind the repetition because that's always how I've eaten, just hoping it won't have adverse reactions. 

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