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Start Date Sunday March 11th


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Hi. I almost completed the Start Date Feb 12th, but was unplanned and ate multiple cookies for lunch meal this week

So starting Over Sunday March 11th. Anyone interested in joining the journey. I have a second daughter graduating this May. At our first daughter's graduation, yes it was 96 plus degrees that day, however, I looked and felt pretty, until I had seen the pictures and realized I put on weight. I had gone thru the program last January 2017 and completed and have continued to eat more healthy, but over the holidays started gaining a few lbs.  

I have overall felt great, but occasional as I did this past week, ate things because of not planning, that put me in a tailspin. My face broke out - I did continue to eat sugar for additional days - 2 more, and my stomach bloated - almost instantly.

So back on program again. I have excuses, none great, but it really comes down to planning. So I am back on track, having a glass of wine with hubby tonight and then making and cooking tomorrow for the next weeks.


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I am on the journey. I started Friday so just 2 days ahead. Hubby is out of town so I figured it would be easier without him here to tempt me.  This is my 3rd Whole 30. First one was amazing, second OK, this time hoping for it to turn more in to long term good health habits. I am in! 


I hear ya - planning is key. I think I have gone to the store 3 times :huh: already and have been chopping, cooking, prepping like crazy. I also went through the pantry this morning and pitched - everything that was no longer necessary. I seem to do well when prepped, when shopped and cleaned out as I grab and go - and if healthy I'll grab and go that too.


cheers, Michele

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