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Start Date - March 3/12/18

Kate N.

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Hi, I started my 3rd Whole 30 on Friday. Tips from my past 2 go-arounds:

  • Prep. Go to the store and chop, cook and plan the first few days in advance. I find it far harder to bag it when I've just spent all that $$ and there are containers in the fridge staring me in the face.
  • Think about what might be the hardest (for me it's an afternoon snack, I get hungry about 3 and if I snack all hell breaks loose) and plan for it. So I eat lunch at 1 if I can (and eat a lot including lots of fat) to carry me through to dinner. And since this is an issue for me I do not snack as eventually this does go away.
  • Since this is also developing a new lifestyle I do try and replicate the "OK" or not an issue for me things like morning coffee. Coffee and a creamer of some sort is a must-have. Just a cup and that is it for the day. So I make almond milk to use as creamer.
  • Do cook awesome food. The first time I did this we (hubby did it with me) evolved to really love creating and making new and delicious food. We searched blogs, tried things posted on the facebook feed and suggestions here. We ended up just loving not only how great everything tasted but cooking together and then how good we felt after.  It will make it feel less like a chore and punishment vs something you evolve to enjoy.
  • Eat enough food. This was hard for me at first but I found a very important transition was the 3 meal per day thing. In time you will get less hungry and naturally eat less to sustain between meals.

I am sure I'll think of more but those are the biggies for me. I am on day #2 and so far so good.

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