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January Caffeine-Free Whole30!


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Well, here I am, back after a December Whole30 aborted on Day 14. For the rest of December I continued to avoid grains and dairy, with the exception of a "gluten day" which I paid for the next day in the form of bloating, stabbing pains. I think it's pretty much safe to say that dairy, gluten and processed corn are off the table for me at this point, and there will be few exceptions to this going forward.

Today is Day 1 (and yes I signed up for the W30 Daily!) My Jan W30 isn't off to the best start, since I am recovering from the stomach flu, but today being Day 1 I have ditched the ginger beer and am now recovering with compliant foods only. Obviously I won't be following the 3 meal template today but I'll get back to that just as soon as I am able.

My goals for January are:

1. Clear inflammation. I have minor autoimmune issues and was thinking I might try the AIP, but I am going for a solid 30 days following the regular protocol first, then go from there.

2. Break caffeine addiction. This is already in progress, having had the stomach flu I haven't had any coffee in 48 hours and between the illness and caffeine withdrawal, I have a horrible headache! I think caffeine may be causing me some issues and my dependence on it is certainly not ideal, so it needs to go for Jan.

3. Continue to break down the association between weekend/relaxation/fun and alcohol.

4. Make exercise a daily (instead of 3-4x weekly) activity, removing mileage goals to train for races and focusing on full-mind-body activities (yoga) combined with running, walking, hiking, and whatever else my body wants (not dictated by my "training schedule").

5. Improve the quality of and reduce the impact of the food I eat. I joined a CSA and pick up the first box on Thursday (yay!) and want to buy some local meat. I will also plant a garden in Jan.

6. Reduce mental clutter by decluttering the house (it's not too bad now but could be better) and breaking the internet addiction by allowing myself only 1/2 hour in the morning to update my log and read the news, then during work I only can use it for work-related purposes. Also I am declaring Saturdays technology-free, and asking my husband to change my facebook password so I can't log on for the month!

That's all for today, gotta nurse this headache...

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Tray, I am giving up coffee for my W 100. Lets let each other know if we become snarky. :)

Haha - I was in a BAAAD mood yesterday. Sure it had something to do with the killer headache, which may have been due to the illness and/or sleeping too much due to said illness, but I'm guessing the lack of caffeine was a contributing factor. Today I meet with coworkers, wish them luck...

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So yesterday was Day 1 of my W30, and Day 2 of my stomach flu although the acute stomach upset was over and while I was still experiencing stomach cramps and discomfort, I could keep food down. So here's what I ate:

Morning: Wild Sweet Orange Tea and about a half a jar of apple sauce - at this point I was still testing my stomach and didn't want to eat something heavier, but I was hungry!

Midday: after the applesauce caused me no issues and the hunger intensified, I ate some chicken and strawberries. Greens tend to be harder on my stomach than other food and I ran out of sweet potatoes, so my veggie intake was less than optimal...

Later in the day: fried up some bananas in a bit of coconut oil (plain, no egg or tapioca), then had some lamb chops and green beans for dinner. All stayed down with no issues.

Exercise: I actually went for about a 40 minute walk. It was slow and leisurely, but I just had to get off of the couch and out of the house and I wasn't up for much else, even housework (which I reeeally wanted to do) was too much movement (bending over, standing up, like a rollercoaster, bad.) So while I didn't get in an actual run or yoga, etc. I was glad to still put in what effort I could without disrupting my recovery.

Mental clutter: I had my husband change my facebook password yesterday, and deleted the apps from my phone and ipad. So while I suppose I could reset it through my email if I really wanted, it's enough to get me to think about it. Time to break the habit! And a habit it has been, a few times I picked up my phone and went to the spot where the app used to be, automatically without thinking, until I realized it was no longer there. It was like a compulsion, it scared me a little bit!

So today I am trying to resume the normal 3 meal template. Still a bit icky in the stomach but I know I can keep food down at this point.

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Ok so the headache is bad. BAD. Extra Strength Tylenol did nothing for it, it kept me tossing and turning all night and I took some Advil when I woke up this morning and it's taken just the edge off. Ugh. UGH.

My stomach was better though, and this is what I ate:

Meal 1: fried bananas w/ tapioca/egg, fried egg and strawberries

Meal 2: leftover chicken, wilted kale

Snack (I know I know): apple with raw almond butter

Meal 3: roasted pork and kale chips

I drank some herbal tea yesterday but NO caffeine. I did not work out (was still very exhausted yesterday) but did do a few minutes of yoga before bed. Even that small amount of mindful stretching makes a big difference in how I feel. I was pretty good about internet usage too, I did not try to log onto facebook at all. Instead I spent most of the evening lounging on the sofa reading a cheesy novel (that's better than mindless internet surfing, right??...) Let's hope today is a little better energy-wise.

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Yesterday was Day 3. I broke down and had some iced tea in the middle of the day. It made me feel SO MUCH BETTER! I still would like to see myself survive without morning coffee so I'm sticking to tea only, but have decided I just can't handle the headache that results from quitting caffeine altogether. I don't like that I'm so dependent on it, but if/when I decide to cut it out I will have to do so at a much slower pace.

Other than that it was just another Whole30 day.

Meal 1: fried bananas/egg/tapioca, egg and kale.

Meal 2: leftover chicken and kale, one apple.

Meal 3, leftover pork and kale, one apple.

Exercise: I went on my first run since leaving town a week ago and subsequently getting sick. It was a leisurely run with a short walk up a hill, just over 2 miles. Gotta warm myself up, I could still feel a bit of weakness but I'm getting back to normal.

Mental cutter: another day no facebook/mindless internet surfing. I continue to bury my nose in cheesy novels so I can't say I'm really doing anything all that productive with the reclaimed time, but I can tell already that I feel much more relaxed not being connected all the time.

I also got my first CSA box yesterday. It was a winter box for sure, meaning that it had a ton of greens, I mean a TON. So my mission in life this week will be to eat as many greens as possible and figure out various ways to cook them/incorporate into recipes so that I'm not hating greens by the end of the week.

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Cutting caffeine cold turkey is rough! Weaning off with tea or reduced amounts helps greatly.

I like your idea of having a day of no technology. What a great way to reconnect with your self and the world around you! We are so overloaded today. I'm making a habit of unplugging at night. It helps me sleep better if I haven't been playing games on my phone or checking facebook before bed.

Have fun eating your greens :)

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Speaking of no technology, better update now because I am not signing on tomorrow!

Meal 1: fried bananas/egg/tapioca, fried eggs and wilted spinach

Meal 2: leftover pork and wilted kale, one apple

Drank one cup of green tea in the morning and some iced tea in the afternoon. Time to go eat dinner!

Energy was good, focus/concentration was pretty good too. Didn't work out today but will do a bit of yoga before bed.

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Well all in all yesterday was a pretty good day. Catching up on my food log, Friday's meal 3 was chopped up (organic, compliant) beef hot dogs with kale and an apple.

Saturday meals:

Meal 1: hot dog leftovers with kale and fried banana

Meal 2: more hot dog leftovers with kale and apple

Meal 3: salad created with a bunch of my random CSA greens (spicy salad mix, pea shoots, radishes, green onions) plus walnuts and apples, drizzled in olive oil and topped with the last of the pork from the other day

Exercise: 6 mile hike up a 1000' mountain, felt great! Wore me out for a bit in the afternoon but I had a second wind in the evening and made a large batch of lettuce pesto before I went to bed around 11. Slept well until the cat started meowing at 4 am, then slept in and off (with very disturbing dreams might I add) until 8.

No technology day was a bust. I found myself wanting to look things up (recipes, etc.) and decided that was a constructive activity so went ahead and did it. Also my husband was watching football which led to the TV being on as background the rest if the eve while I made the pesto. But at least there was no mindless Internet surfing. That, after all, is the habit I am trying to break.

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"Continue to break down the association between weekend/relaxation/fun and alcohol."

This is a big one for me! I'm a work in progress :P

Not having cream in my coffee has already cut my caffeine habit significantly. I can't quite let it go completely yet!

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This is a big one for me! I'm a work in progress :P

Meee too! I am quite happy because I had no major wine cravings this past weekend, which is progress. It definitely takes time to change one's habits!

Ok so yesterday was good. I had no headaches, decent energy, and ate well.

Meal 1: last of the hot dogs scrambled with eggs and green onions, sliced apple

Meal 2: leftover salad with uncured bacon

Meal 3: ribs and chicken with more leftover salad

I drank some tea throughout the day, didn't feel hungry in between meals or snacking at all, and no cravings to speak of! Went to yoga in the afternoon and got a very good strech (so much that I'm actually feeling sore from it).

But last night I did not sleep well. I went to sleep around 10:30ish, slept well until I woke up at 4 AM then took an hour to fall back asleep. So I'm kinda tired today. Yawn.

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Yesterday was Day 7. I somehow managed to pull my back out while sitting at a conference table (WTF?) then had a tension headache so it wasn't the greatest day.

Meal 1: friend bananas w/ egg/tapioca, eggs scrambled with green onions. green tea

Meal 2: leftover ribs and chicken and salad (YUM)

Meal 3: leftover chicken, wilted bok choy and a sweet potato

I did no exercise yesterday, which I hated but I didn't want to screw up my back any further. I went to bed early (before 9:30) and slept well except for about 15-30 minutes around 4 AM, waking up at 6:45. I did wake up feeling like I had slept enough, which was nice.

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Ouch I hope your back feels better. I have also had to take it easy on the workouts, which I hate, because I did a surprise double sneeze and pulled a muscle in my neck yesterday!

I'm on day 7 now (with a cold) and I've been too tired to do more than a run in the morning. Here's hoping we both feel a little more limber and energized by tomorrow!

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I'm on day 7 now (with a cold) and I've been too tired to do more than a run in the morning. Here's hoping we both feel a little more limber and energized by tomorrow!

Indeed, I am impressed you would run with a cold! I am too much of a wuss for that. :)

Yesterday my back was slowly improving, my husband got out some of the knots for me which I think helped, cause today I am still feeling pain but at least I can walk somewhat normally again. I'm hoping I can at least get outside for a brisk walk (I think the yoga class I'd planned is out of the question). I'm going hiking in the desert with my dad this weekend so need to be recovered by then!

Meal 1: eggs, friend bananas with egg/tapioca, and cucumbers, green tea.

Meal 2: made a salad (lettuce, radish, green onions, parsley) and threw in some leftover chicken, had some sweet potato mash (sweet potatoes with coconut milk, cinnamon and nutmeg)

Meal 3: repeat of lunch plus a bite of my husband's steak (I would've had more but the chicken filled me up).

I did not work out yesterday again, due to said back injury. But I went to bed early (9) and slept until 6, then on and off until 6:45 so I feel quite rested today!

Still haven't logged onto facebook, or mindless internet surfing. :D

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Ok let's see, yesterday....

Meal 1: fried bananas/egg/tapioca, fried egg and apple, green tea

Meal 2: homemade chorizo and eggs, salad

Meal 3: salmon, sweet potato mash, wilted chard and mustard greens, kombucha

Went to sleep around 10:30, woke up rested around 6:30. Meal 1 was chorizo and eggs w/ apple, green tea.

So then today I went to an outdoor training and froze my ass off. They had coffee, which was hot, and I was freezing, so I drank it. Also I did not plan to be there all day but I was, so I had a primal pac and a banana for lunch.

Now I am eating a Meal 3: salmon, sweet potato mash and salad.

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As I knew I would, I ate a Meal 4 yesterday later in the day. My schedule was just all kinds of screwed up yesterday. Meal 4 was chorizo and eggs with lettuce and cilantro (got another CSA box!!)

I was exhausted from having been hypothermic half the day and crashed around 9:45 last night. I slept well until around 5:30, then on and off until 7. Feeling back to normal today and my back is better too.

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Oops looks like I have some catching up to do. I can't remember for the life of me what I ate on Friday all day, except I know I had more of the chorizo and eggs and greens from the box at some point. Whatever it was, it was all compliant! I also went on about a 2 mile run. Been slacking on the running lately so time to warm back up.


Meal 1: fried bananas, eggs...... crap I can't remember what veg I had! I'm sure I drank some green tea as well.

Meal 2 was more snacky than meal-like (because we were not caught up on food prep and also I had not yet recovered from screwing up my eating pattern on Thursday). I ate some sweet potato with coconut milk and walnuts, then some pieces of pork a little while later.

Meal 3: tri tip, greens and sweet potato. Yum!

Saturday I ran about 3 miles, slow but felt fine. Went to bed around 9, woke up earlier than usual (around 5) to go hiking in the desert.

Sunday Meal 1: fried bananas/eggs/greens, green tea.

Sunday Meal 2 (eaten on the trail): leftover tri-tip, sweet potatoes, arugula/artichoke/parsley/olive salad, tangerines.

After that my Dad and I proceeded to get lost in the desert and had to hike an extra six miles to get back to the car, for a total of about 1. Once in the car I had some carrot sticks and lukewarm chai tea.

Sunday Meal 3: I came home to the best dinner ever, my husband made pulled pork and homemade cole slaw, all compliant. It was delicious! I had some sweet potato also. I ate a giant pile of everything because I was really hungry.

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Yesterday Meal 1: fried bananas w/ leftover pulled pork and cole slaw, green tea

Meal 2: chicken with cole slaw and sweet potato

Meal 3: smallish serving of pulled pork and cole slaw

Meal 4 (I was hungry): same as meal 3 plus some sweet potato, kombucha

Energy was ok but I had a hard time focusing yesterday. Went to sleep at about a quarter to 10 and woke up at 5, then again at 6, then again at 7. Still feeling a bit creaky from Sunday but I suppose I should get some exercise today.

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Yesterday I was feeling sluggish but I think that was more mental than anything. My husband has home from work this week with a staph infection so I think part of my brain is thinking it's a weekend (I work at home, he does not). Also I spent way too much time yesterday morning and evening reading a book. Fortunately I finished it, and I'm not letting myself start another one just yet. Foodwise I did fine, my hormones still aren't quite settled on the timing of my evening meal though, so I ate two small ones.

Meal 1: fried bananas, pulled pork and cole slaw, green tea

Meal 2: chicken, cole slaw and sweet potato

After Meal 2 I did have a bit of lower abdominal pain, similar to what I get the day after gluten nowadays. I don't know what that was about because everything I ate was compliant. I wonder if I'm sensitive to pork though, this possibility has occurred to me in the past.

Mini-meal 3: pulled pork and cole slaw

Mini-meal 4: pulled pork, the tail end of my sweet potato mash and a pear.

Went to sleep around 10:30 and didn't wake up at all until 6:30, then I was able to get up around 7 without going back to sleep at all. I do notice I am sleeping better now.

Still haven't checked facebook but like I said above, the reading has gotten out of hand a bit. Also I totally got lazy and did no exercise yesterday. Ugh. Oh well it's a new day!

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Yesterday was Day 16, went pretty well. I brought my own lunch to a meeting where lunch was provided (and no one even commented) and went to a deep healing yoga class last night which was just excellent!

Meal 1: pulled pork on salad w/ drizzled olive oil, green tea

Meal 2: more pulled pork on salad w/ avocado and olive oil, iced tea

Snack: a pear (I know...)

Meal 3: chicken on salad with avocado/olive oil

Then when I got home from yoga, I looked in the fridge and there was a big jug of 100% apple juice (that my husband had bought/used to make bbq sauce) and sparkling water, so I poured an inch or so into a glass and filled the rest of the way up with sparkling water. It tasted really sweet and I immediately felt guilty (yet proceeded to down the whole thing). It certainly made me aware that the sugar dragon (which for me is not generally much of an issue) is alive and kicking somewhere, which is good to know.

Anyway I went to sleep just after 10 and woke up at 6:45 refreshed. I do notice that I am sleeping much better, not laying awake at 4 AM as I had been doing before.

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Yesterday was Day 17:

Meal 1: I ran out of bananas (the horror!!) so I scrambled some eggs with the last of the pulled pork and ate it with some sliced cucumber and a tangerine. Had my usual green tea.

Meal 2: turkey with salad (olive oil for dressing) and an orange, iced tea.

Minimeal 3: I knew that dinner was gonna be late (because I needed to pick up my CSA box and go shopping) so after the walk I took in the afternoon I ate a smaller portion of turkey and salad.

Meal 4: sliced and cooked some organic beef hot dog, ate it with the rest of the salad and about half a sweet potato plain (mashed).

Went to sleep around 10:30, been awake since 5:30. I probably could've gotten back to sleep but I knew it would be after 7 when I woke up again, so I opted to stay awake knowing I can sleep in tomorrow!

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Haha I must laugh at the title of my log, as I sit here with cup of coffee in hand..........

Anyhoo, the weekend went fine. I survived Friday night with no wine (this is getting much easier) and I even watched my friends drink pitchers of frosty stout and eat pizza on Saturday while I ate a salad with an avocado I had smuggled in my purse, then ate chili when I got home.

Can't remember all that I ate the entire weekend, but the highlights were homemade chili (a rendition of the Well Fed chocolate chili), fresh fish from the farmer's market, various dishes containing spinach, sweet potato, and salad. Nothing too unusual.

Sleep has been a bit disturbed and I'm wondering if I need a thyroid medication adjustment. I have an appt with a (new) doc on Feb 5. Here we go again with the hassle of trying to get proper thyroid treatment - why is it so hard??

Also I'm having issues with my cycle (temps totally wacky and no ovulation at CD27) and my armpit lymph nodes are hurting bad. And yesterday I was in a REALLY crappy mood. I'm hoping today is better, but I'm already a bit crank from having woken up at 5:15 (after 7 hours of sleep) and being to awake to fall back asleep...

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