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Introducing Myself


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I am not new to Whole30, but I am new the these forums. I have done the Whole30 a few times, but this last time was truly a game changer. I am an avid triathlete and have used the Whole30 at times to "get back" to healthier eating, but never did a proper reintroduction or really deal with my unhealthy relationship with food. I finished a Whole30 about a month ago, and this time I used to the Whole30 Day by Day journal. The daily reflection really helped me to start to see where my behavior patterns were unhealthy. I also read Food Freedom Forever. Talk about eye-opening! I am a recovered alcoholic (sober 11 years) and I was amazed at the parallels in the journey to quit drinking and the journey to have a healthy, balanced relationship with food. After the Whole30 I went out of town for 2 weeks. The first week I was sailing along in Food Freedom, but the second week got a little rough. The beauty is, I came home and immediately started a two week mini-reset and I start a 7 day reintroduction tomorrow. For the first time, I am seeing this as more than running faster or staying thin. I am recognizing that I have work to do that is deeper than that. I have opted to become active on these forums as a way to reinforce that commitment. 

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