Andrea Wilhelm

Are there week to week meal plans?

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I’m new to this program as of yesterday! Been going through some reading trying to find something that tells me what to buy and what to cook. Are there only books available for this? And if so, which do I buy? I’m also not sure if I’m supposed to only eat certain amount of meals daily or do I eat when I’m hungry? 

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Have you read through the rules and recommendations?  That's a good place to start.  In general we want you eating 3 meals a day based on the template and spaced 4-5 hours apart.

There are no week to week meal plans but there are some good resources on nomnompaleo and that you can use as they're both friends of the Whole30.  

I think there's a one week meal plan in the Whole30 book so if you were looking to buy a book, that one is a good mix of why, how to and recipes.

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