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Didn’t meet goals - keep going?


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Simple Question: I didn’t meet all of my goals, including around weight loss, and some NSVs just started to appear on Day 29 and 30. Should I keep going?

Detailed Question: This is one of many Whole30s for me and it was VERY much needed after holidays and my husband’s 30th birthday, which we celebrated the entire month of January. Unfortunately, it also led right into a vacation. (Day 30 was 2/28, we left for vaca 2/29, it is now 3/11). With this in mind, and my previous experience, I decided to Slow Roll it. This has actually been going fairly well psychologically. I’m making good deliberate choices, paying attention to and documenting my reactions, and still feel in control of my food choices, even during some stressful situations over the past week. 

However, my body is less than stellar. I feel like I’m already putting back on the 4 pounds I lost, don’t feel as great in my clothes, skin is less than stellar, my bloating is back, digestion is off, hormone-related pain is back, etc. Because I’ve had various things throughout the Slow Roll, though, I’m not sure what’s causing it specifically or if it’s just the perfect storm. (And I swear, I didn’t have some crazy Carb-a-Palooza on vacation - I’ve never eaten so thoughtfully and nutritiously on a vacation in my life, but I feel like all that hard work has gotten me nowhere). 

I know it’s ultimately my choice, but any recommendations or experience around going back to a very strict W30 or W14 with a Fast Track Re-Intro vs. eating mostly W30 minus the added sugar rule to see if that’s enough to get me feeling great again vs. continue with the Slow Roll, this is normal? 

I have two key struggles here:

1. I have another vacation coming up in a few weeks and I really want to look and feel great but I went into this last one right off a W30 which I think make me extra sensitive to eating out and was kind of a bummer. So not sure I want to do that again. 

2. I really just want to eat W30 all the time but can’t seem to figure out how to do that in the real world, particularly with eating out. 

I really need help processing all of this, so I’m grateful for this forum, especially if you made it all the way to the end, hah! :lol:

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