St. Patricks Day: Let's talk corned beef & cabbage...


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So, the Day O' The Green is coming up...

I am not worried about the cabbage and potatoes, but what about the meat of it.  The brine that it is packaged in contains:  35% solution of water, salt, sodium phosphates, sodium erthyhorbate, sodium nitrite, flavorings... and that is just the meat.  Whaddya' think?  Is this doable for W30?

I am going to check and see if the super market has a listing of the spice pack.  I can do the meat without the spices, but if anyone has done CB with spices then do tell! 

I am hoping to enjoy a somewhat traditional meal... will save the Guinness for a treat down the road.

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Thanks, Shannon... I might do that when I need to cook some compliant food (and I get tired of grilling (oh, perish the thought...LOL)

I was just asking because I have family arriving this weekend and my sister is preparing the store bought stuff and doing the crock pot thing whle we are out on the slopes.  I told here to go ahead for the rest of the family and that I will be OK doing something different that fits within the rules.

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41 minutes ago, Alan E. said:

I found what sounds like a good recipe for making corned beef in my sous vide. My only question is the pink curing salt, (different from Himalayan Pink Salt). It gives the brisket its pink color. Thoughts?

Pink curing salt is a mix of regular salt (sodium chloride) and sodium nitrite, and is compliant. 

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