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Whole30 blues.

Li Ho

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I’m on day 21 of Whole30. I feel terrible today. Hopeless. Incapable. I hate food and having to eat food at all. Today I hate everyone and everything. lol. I have to laugh because it sounds absurd. I have been so up and down while doing this. One day I feel great, and then I’m down low for a cpl days. WTH.... I’m in my mid-30s. And for as long as I can remember I’ve eaten crap. And am a lifelong junk addict. I have never in my life been so long without sugar or grains of any kind. Could it be taking longer because of how long I lived on junk?? Taking longer for my gut to heal perhaps? I also think the meal prep is getting to me. I have no time for anything as it is. And very little help. Not w my kids and certainly not w my Whole30. It’s frustrating. I’m glad I’m doing it; don’t get me wrong. I knew it would be tough, but I thought I’d be ok by now, not rollercoastering. Gaaahhhh... Please just tell me it gets better. Lol. Suggestions on dealing with the overwhelm of meal prep (or dealing with this stupid life in general)? And solutions to these blasted emotions? Thanks so much. :)

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You sound very frustrated - 'dealing with this stupid life' is pretty harsh :( 

It's not surprising that at this point your brain/body would be throwing a tantrum if this is a real departure from how you used to eat which it sounds like it is.  It is very likely that you're experiencing extinction burst (google if you're unsure of the meaning, there is lots of good informaiton out there that's written a lot better than I can :) )

The good news is the longer you stick to this way of eating, the better you will eventually feel and honestly, the prep and amount of time spent cooking improves.  Right now you have to think about everything you want to eat because it's not as easy as take out or fast food or popcorn for dinner but as you get a repetoire of recipes/meals under your belt and get the hang of things, it gets easier.  You may want to look at www.meljoulwan.com and search her site for her prep articles and explanation of hot plate cooking which makes things a million times easier.

As for your emotions, again, it's not that surprising that if this is so different for you, you may be feeling grief or frustration at not being able to use the coping strategies that you used to use.  You could try googling 'whole30 food grief' and there should be an article from Melissa Hartwig on how to handle not having those same coping mechanisms.

Sorry I can't give you links as I cannot link on this device but I hope this helps :) 

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