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Blood in stool

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Hi, I am on Day 12 and everything is going surprisingly well.

I eat meat, egg and fruit at breakfast,

usually nibble on raw veggies and or nuts for lunch and

eat meat and veggies cooked in coconut oil for dinner.

Also I sneak in a few prunes or occasionally a Larabar when the sweet tooth is killing me. Plus, I have to have crispy crunchy so (rarely) I am having a few coconut oil purple potato chips. I drink a lot of teas and La Croixs throughout the day as well as water.

I am happy with all of it but am writing today becaus I found blood in my stool. Is this a common response to the W30 plan? Because I immediately thought cancer


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Blood in stool is not a normal side effect of Whole30. Please see a doctor.

A couple notes related to the rest of your post. Please know that absolutely no commercial or deep fried chips are permitted on Whole30. And if you're trying to kill a sugar dragon, you should be avoiding satisfying it with compliant sweet things like larabar and prunes. You should also be eating protein + veggies + fat for all meals. 

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46 minutes ago, Moksha51 said:

Did you ever figure this out? I did notice the same issue for me and I am on day 8.   Another person has experienced the same symptoms around the same time. 

Blood in your stool is always something you should talk to a doctor about, it is beyond the scope of what anyone on this forum can help you with, and even if the OP comes back and tells you what their issue was, that may not be what's going on with you. 

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